26 Must-Try Experiences In Charleston, South Carolina

January 14, 2015

Charleston, a historic seaport city in South Carolina, is a surreal utopia bursting with pleasures, natural wonders, and tourist attractions. Giving travelers a full taste of Southern hospitality and charm, this romantic city definitely feels like it is postponed in time, thanks to its striking plantation landscapes and wealth in antebellum architectures.

Deemed as one of the top tourist destinations in the USA, this South Carolinian city also delights it pilgrims with its laid-back ambiance and delectable seafood goodies. To top it all off, it flaunts a breathtaking skyline, despite its obvious shortage of towering skyscrapers.

From taking in incredible views to touring the city’s historic sites with a carriage, there are a lot of memorable and exciting things you can do in this seaside city. To help you plan a trip that is perfect in Charleston, make sure to take note of these suggestions:

1. Water Taxi ride

See the remarkable Charleston harbor in a very fun and convenient way by taking a Water Taxi Ride.

2. Visit the Magnolia Cemetery

Enjoy a slice of the Civil War history by visiting the Magnolia Cemetery.

3. Relax and unwind at the Charleston Waterfront Park

Bright, green and serene, Charleston Waterfront Park is a beautiful public space that overlooks the coast. Here, you get to lounge, enjoy a picnic, smell the lovely sea air, and watch the charming dolphins of the coast.  Did I mention that it also has pretty flowers and awesome fountains?

4. Inshore fishing

To make your visit to Charleston even more relaxing, try inshore fishing in the city’s historic flats, with Knot Stressed Charters.

5. Ghost tour

Want to experience something spooky in Charleston? Make it a point to include a guided ghost tour in your itinerary, as you plan a trip to this city.

6. Wander around the College of Charleston

The College of Charleston is a rather inviting campus with a great array of gorgeous old fixtures and architectures.  Plus, it has a lot of history.

7. Surfing at Folly Beach

Test your surfing skills with the moderately challenging sea waves of Folly’s beach.

8. Drop by Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

Even if you’re not a devoted Catholic, a layover to the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is still an absolute must during your trip to this city. Trust me, this Gothic cathedral will leave its beholders speechless and in awe, with its magnificent stained glass windows, huge ceiling and eye-catching artworks.

9. Shopping in King Street

Are you a shopping addict? Then, make your way to King Street, home to a slew of chic restaurants, mainstream shops and stylish boutiques.

10. Listen to cool and unique country music

Listen to country bands and artists playing their own renditions of Daft Punk songs in King Street’s bars.

11. Delightful sunsets

Gaze on the magnificent sunsets of Charleston over the peaceful Cooper River.

12. Cross the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is a gorgeous place to take a bike ride or a leisurely stroll, especially in the late evening and early morning.

13. A leisurely stroll around The Battery

No trip to Charleston is complete without a stroll along The Battery, which is a scenic stretch along the southern tip of the city.  Luring camera-toting travelers from all over America, The Battery boasts a row of graceful Southern-style mansions that overlook the city’s harbor.

14. Spend a day at the Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s Island beckons tourists with its colorful history, unique shops, tasty restaurants and fabulous beaches.

15. Eat a peanut butter burger

Tickle your taste buds and fill your stomach with Poe’s Tavern’s peanut butter burger.

16. Savor the city’s signature dish

Speaking of food, don’t miss out on a chance to please your gusto with the city’s signature dish, the She-crab soup, which is obviously made a female crab’s sweet meat.

17. A touch of the antebellum life

There is no better way to experience the antebellum life than to visit the Aiken-Rhett House Museum. Built in earlier parts of the 19th century, this historic haven has pretty much retained its original style. Here, you get to feast your eyes on the spectacular bronze chandeliers put up by the Aikens, its original wallpaper and antique furnishings.

18. Visit the South Carolina Aquarium

From sharks to small fish species, there are plenty of colorful sea creatures to watch at the South Carolina Aquarium.

19. Cooking lessons

Learn how to cook mouthwatering Southern culinary specialties in a fun and entertaining way by taking a cooking class at the Charleston Cooks! Maverick Kitchen Store.

20. A carriage tour

Discover the historical jewels of Charleston, while experiencing a pleasantly joyful ride from a horse-drawn carriage.

21. A guided walking tour

Get an in-depth insight of the old places of worship, historic sites and other points of interest in Charleston by taking a walking tour.

22. A look of the oldest fireproof building in the USA

Built in 1827, the old yet elegant Fireproof building in Charleston is often considered one of America’s oldest constructed fireproof buildings.

23. Learn more about the history of Charleston

Delve into the gripping history of this seaport city visiting The Charleston Museum.

24. Watch a play at the Dock Street Theater

With its wonderful sets, mind-blowing aerial acrobatics and colorful costumes, it is no wonder tons of travelers consider the Dock Street Theater as one of America’s finest theaters in America. What’s more, the building is oozing with history.

25. Visit the Charles Towne Landing

Known for its terrific scenery, the Charles Towne Landing is an old village that recreates the times and life of the early settlers in America.

26. Buy souvenirs and spices at the Charleston City Market

For those who are looking for cheap souvenirs in this city, go to the Charleston City Market, and choose from a wide range of crafts and baskets. As a bonus, the market sells quality spices for cooking.

They don’t call Charleston as America’s best city for nothing. As you can see, the city is teeming with thrills and joys that would surely keep you hooked and happy for a days or even weeks.

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