32 Free Things To Do In London  

February 15, 2015

London, in spite of its reputation of being an expensive European city, has a surprising number of wonderful experiences and delights that won’t cost you a cent. From artsy galleries and psychedelic outdoor concerts to iconic architectural gems, this vibrant and frenetic multicultural metropolis is drenched in fabulous freebies that guarantee to give you a memorable European getaway. As a matter of fact, most of London's prized attractions and most spectacular sights can be enjoyed by its visitors for free. Yes folks, there are so many free things to do in London! 

Planning a trip to England’s capital? Make sure to take note of these tips and suggestions.

1. British Museum

The British Museum is a treasury full of gems, amazing exhibits and world-famous objects, such as Egyptian mummies, the Parthenon sculptures and the Rosetta stone.

2. Gunnersbury Park Museum

Swing by the Gunnersbury Park Museum, and get a load of its one-of-a-kind collection of archaeological relics, including Penn medieval tiles, Roman pottery as well as the donated armorial Chinese porcelain and pharmaceutical glass.

3. Royal Air Force Museum

The Royal Air Force Museum, home to one of the world’s biggest free aircraft collections, flaunts awesome exhibits that would surely delight its visitors. As you visit this free museum, make sure to check out the WWI bombers in the Bomber Hall, and try the Eurofighter motion simulator.

4. Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum tells gripping stories of the First World War, through its groundbreaking galleries and exhibits.

5. Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology houses more than 70,000 artifacts that detail the spellbinding history of Egypt from prehistory to the Islamic period and the eras of the great pharaohs. It has quite a number of notable pieces, such as a fragment of the first ever calendar, the earliest linens and a bed-net dress of dancer from the Pyramid Age.

6. Natural History Museum

Step back in time, walk among Earth’s mightiest dinosaurs at the free Natural History Museum.

7. Camden Arts Centre

Is contemporary art your cup of tea? Housed in a historic 19th century building, the Camden Arts Centre features beautiful contemporary artworks from aspiring and famous artists.

8. Chisenhale Gallery

The Chisenhale Gallery leaves it spectators in utter amazement with its incredible contemporary art displays.

9. Tate Modern

Known as one of the great contemporary art galleries in the world, Tate Modern is a surreal gem that boasts a collection of 60,000 dazzling artworks created by the likes of Matisse, Rodin, Warhol and Pollock.

10. Pump House Gallery

Battersea Park’s Pump House Gallery is another marvelous contemporary art space in London with rotating expos featuring artists like Hellen van Meene, Ben Cook, and Dallas Seitz.

11. Free events in London Bridge and Pool of London

London Bridge and Pool of London host a pile of thrilling events for free throughout the year, especially during summertime. To get information about their latest free events, check out their listings.

12. Browse the free markets in London  

Get a full taste of the London life by visiting any of its 70 colorful markets, which you can browse without spending a dime.  As far as I’m concerned, the best markets to visit in London include the Piccadilly Crafts near Saint James Church, the Saturday antique markets in Portobello Road, and the Petticoat Lane Market.

13. Free access to BBC’s shows

Plan your trip to London ahead, and check out BBC’s website, so you can get gratis tickets to tapings of some its famous television and radio shows, such as Strictly Come Dancing, Coming of Age, and BBC Symphony Orchestra.

14. Learn more about the Tudor life  

Are you a big fan of HBO’s award-winning The Tudors? Then, make your way to the Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge. Built in the 16th century for Henry VII, this historic lodge lets you discover the Tudor life, through its lovely Tudor customs, carpentry and cookware. What’s more, the venue has a laid-back ambiance, as well as offers breathtaking vistas.

15. A special treat for Beatles groupies

For music lovers and enthusiastic followers of the legendary Beatles, take time to read the original manuscripts of the masterpieces created by John Lennon in the British Library.

16. Free walking tours

With Sandeman’s New London Tours, you can get an inside scoop of the city’s culture and history, without spending a fortune. Furthermore, this free walking tour allows you to take in mesmerizing sights like the Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and many more.

17. Southbank Centre events

From concerts and gallery openings to outdoor installations, Southbank Centre has heaps of cost-less events available throughout the year.

18. Wallace Collection

Set grandly in a wonderfully mansion, the Wallace Collection gives you a fascinating glimpse of the aristocratic life in the 18th century.

19. The Kyoto Garden

Want to get away from London’s frenzied energy? The Kyoto Garden, with its colorful flowerbeds, pond petite shrubs, and tiny stone paths, is a calm oasis that lets you experience a serene respite in the midst of a pulsating capital. You can have a picnic here, or just sit down while admiring its relaxing and peaceful surroundings.

20. Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath, one of London’s largest parks, is a beautiful natural haven that gives you another idyllic place to escape the city’s buzz. Not only is it a great spot to take a walk or jog, but it’s also teeming with scenic sights of natural wildlife, rolling hills, creeks and ponds.

21. Richmond Park

Explore Richmond Park by bike, and get a chance to spot a wild deer.

22. Vauxhall City Farm

Traveling with your kids? The Vauxhall City Farm is a rare rural treasure set right at the heart of the electrifying English capital. Here, you get to feed and meet an array of cordial animals, including ducks, pigs, rabbits, and horses.

23. Free entertainment at a sunken amphitheater

The Scoop, a sunken 800-seat amphitheater, offers film screenings, concerts and theater shows, all for free during summertime.

24. Free concerts

From opera ensembles and chamber music to jazz percussion groups, the Guildhall Schools of Music and Drama hosts a wide array of cost-less music concerts.

25. Laugh out loud for free

London has a handful of free comedy shows that guarantee to split your sides, such as Angel Comedy, Weirdos Comedy presents, Lewis Schaffer is Free Until Famous, Shoot from the Hip, The Freedom Fridge Comedy, and a whole lot more.

26. An ultra modern way to window shop

An emporium of electronic, UV and neon fashions, Cyberdog is a psychedelic, crazy and ultra modern shop that entertains it shoppers and visitors with its heart-pounding music, podium dancers and robot mascots.

27. Theatre Royal

Every night, Theatre Royal amuses its visitors with free entertainment like poetry readings and comedy shows.

28. Granary Square fountains

The Granary Square’s fountain shows are an absolute spectacle that you don’t want to miss during your trip to London.

 29. Notable suburbs

London has gorgeous suburbs that you can visit for free like Notting Hill and Camden Town.

30. Relive the 2012 Olympics

The 2012 Olympic Games may be over, but you can relive the event’s most remarkable moments by paying a visit to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

31. Blue Plaques

From the fictitious like Sherlock Holmes to the real like Charles Dickens and Karl Marx, there are plenty of blue plaques all over the city that commemorate the famous people who have worked and lived in the edifice where the plaque is placed.

32. Striking landmarks

Last, but not the least, London has a medley of stunning landmarks that you can visit for free, such as the Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Old Bailey and Piccadilly Circus.

Frankly, the attractions and activities are just a few of innumerable freebies you can enjoy in the city of London. Trust me, there are literally hundreds of cool free things to do in this beautiful and dynamic European city. Adios mi amigos!

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