32 Stunning Real-Life Game Of Thrones Locations

April 9, 2015

Are you a big Game of Thrones junkie? Then, you are in for a special treat! From Northern Ireland to an awe-inspiring Icelandic volcano, we will take you to a euphoric and magical virtual tour of the places where this epic mega fantasy series was filmed. And the best part of it is that you can have an actual visit to any of these breathtaking places. Read on, and relive some of the most awesome and unforgettable Game Of Thrones scenes.

1. Doune Castle – Winterfell

For big-time Games of Thrones fans, Doune Castle will always be remembered as the setting for Winterfell in the GOT’s pilot episode. But, did you know that Doune Castle has also been featured in many flicks and other TV series like Ivanhoe,  and Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

Doune Castle, for years, has been luring filmmakers and tourists, with its medieval beauty and rustic charm. Built by originally Robert Stewart in the 13th century, this formidable medieval stronghold will appease your eyes with its splendid architecture and towering 100-feet gatehouse.

By the way, if you are interested in visiting this historic castle, you may set your arrangements as well as buy your tickets here.

2. Azure Window – Wedding of Drogo and Daenerys

Azure Window is a lofty natural limestone arch best known for Game of Thrones fans as the backdrop for the supremely unusual and lively wedding of Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targayen. Nestled perfectly on Gozo’s Maltese island, this rugged natural wonder is quite a popular destination for photographers as well as scuba divers.

As with most of the Game of Thrones filming locations mentioned in this list, Azure Window can be seen in other TV shows and movies as well. As far as I know, this incredible rock arch has made appearances in The Odyssey, a captivating TV series, as well as cool flicks like The Count of Monte Cristo and Clash of the Titans.

3. Fort Ricasoli – Red Keep Gate

With mesmerizing old-world charm, it is easy to see why Fort Ricasoli has been used greatly as a set location for epic television series and blockbuster flicks, such as Julius Caesar, Helen of Troy, Gladiator, Troy and Agora. Representing the Red Keep in the capital of GOT’s seven kingdoms, the 70,000 square meter Fort Ricasoli delights sightseers with its jaw-dropping architectural design as well as wondrous interiors with unique corridors, bastions and curtain walls.

4. Verdala Palace Grounds – Mansion of Illyrio Mopatis

Verdala Palace, the official summer house of Malta’s president, is an elegantly crafted chateau surrounded by verdant gardens. For Game of Thrones junkies, you may recognize this eye-catching manor as the home of the immensely rich merchant prince Illyrio Mopatis.

5. San Anton Palace – The Red Keep

Scenic and atmospheric, San Anton Palace is not just the setting for GOT’s The Red Keep, but is also the official residence of Malta’s president.

6. Fort Saint Angelo – The Red Keep Dungeon in Game of Thrones

Remember the scene in which Arya chased a cat and overhead an important conversation? Well, you can recreate this memorable Game of Thrones scene by visiting the underground tunnels of Fort Saint Angelo in Malta.

7. Castle Ward – Winterfell’s courtyard

Known as Winterfell’s courtyard by most Game of Thrones junkies, Castle Ward is an enthralling engineering jewel that boasts a marvelous mixture of Classical and Gothic architectural styles.   What’s more, it has serene woodlands, paths and a bizarre sunken garden that will remind of The North in Game of Thrones.

8. Ballintoy Harbour – Lordsport

Wondering where Lordsport in Game of Thrones was filmed? Visit Ballintoy Harbour, and be swept away into away into bliss by this small scenic fishing village

9. Tollymore Forest Park – North Forests

Ireland’s Tollymore Forest Park has been featured in this supremely cool fantasy TV series not just once, but on numerous occasions. You can get glimpses of this 600-hectare park in the Game of Thrones scene where Ned Stark together with his sons found the dead stag and the direwolf cubs. Furthermore, it is the place where Theon Greyjoy was chased by Ramsay Snow on a horseback.

Speaking of horseback, this massive Irish park also happens to be a terrific place for outdoor thrills, such as horseback riding and trekking. Not to mention, this park is brimming with sights that will leave its beholders in utter amazement.

10. Magheramorne Quarry – HardHome and Castle Black

Magheramorne Quarry has hosted a couple of different Game of Thrones film sets, namely HardHome and Castle Black.

11. Murlough Bay – The Iron Islands

With its remoteness and dramatic scenery, it is no wonder the creators of Game of Thrones picked Murlough Bay as the set location for The Iron Islands.

12. Dark Hedges – The Road in King’s Landing

A globally renowned phenomenon, the Dark Hedges is truly one of Ireland’s most magnificent and photographed wonders. A sensational tunnel of mystical trees, the Dark Hedges was used as a set for Kingsroad in Game of Thrones.

13. Larrybane – The Stormlands

Want to know how it feels like to be a skilled knight like Brienne of Tarth? Drop by Larrybane, and relive the scenes in which Brienne defeated Ser Loras Tyrell.

14. Cushendun Caves – The Stormlands

Cushendun Caves, with its gorgeous natural rock formations, were also a part of GOT’s The Stormlands.

15. Ston – Game of Thrones King’s Landing

Ston’s world-famous walls have been used in Game of Thrones as the mighty fortifications that surround the western part of King’s Landing. Heralded as “Europe’s great wall’, these stone walls have been drawing throngs of tourists on a daily basis even since it was shown in Game of Thrones.

16. Lovrijenac Fortress – The Red Keep

Confused? In season one, scenes of GOT’s The Red Keep were filmed in different locations in Malta. But in season two, the Game of Thrones crew moved their filming set to Croatia, to get more fabulous exterior shots of Lovrijenac Fortress and Dubrovnik.

17. Dubrovnik – Game of Thrones King’s Landing

Dubrovnik boasts a picturesque old town that is majestically ringed by dense stone walls, and is nestled on a peninsula enclosed in startling stone cliff, making it the ultimate setting for Westeros’ seat of the kings.

18. Krka National Park – West landscapes in Game of Thrones

Krka National Park, with its crystal clear waterfalls and idyllic feel, is by far the perfect set location for the West landscapes in Game of Thrones.

19. Split – Game of Thrones King’s Landing

There were a few scenes in GOT’s 5th seasons that were filmed inside the splendid and mystical Split’s Diocletian’s Palace, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of us know that the dazzling Cersei Lannister, played by the sultry Len Headey, was spotted in this site. Unfortunately, none of us has a clue what she was doing her.

20. Sibenik – Game of Thrones Braavos

Sibenik, a pleasant and atmospheric village in Croatia, will be hitting the small screen this upcoming Game of Thrones season five, as the city of Braavos, the richest and most powerful of all the Free Cities in Essos.

21. Lokrum Island – Qarth

Scenes of Qarth’s ancient port were shot on the bucolic Lokrum island, which is less than a kilometer away from the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. Not only is the island a Game of Thrones filming location, but it has a handful of tourist attractions as well, including a monastery and a botanical garden. Plus, it has plenty of colorful roaming peacocks.

22. Minceta Tower – The House of the Undyin

Minceta Tower, Dubrovnik’s most remarkable and beautiful fort, is the real-life version of the mysterious and eerie House of the Undying.

23. Hverfjall Volcano

Hverfjall Volcano, the real land of fire and ice, was used a filming location for many unforgettable Game of Thrones icy scenes. Most big-time GOT fans will recognize this astounding natural wonder as the place where the White Walkers lumbered beyond the wall.

24. Thingvellir National Park

Inscribed in 2004 as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Thingvellir National Park was used as a filming location in Game of Thrones season four.

25. Vatnajökull – North of the Wall

Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in all of Europe, was where the mystical Beyond the Wall land in Game of Thrones series was filmed.

26. Dimmuborgir – Wilding Camp

Dimmuborgir, known as a home to the homicidal trolls in Iceland, is a wonderfully weird land with unusually shaped rocks, lava fields and volcanic fields. As a Game of Thrones filming set, Dimmuborgir was the camping ground of Mance Rayder.

27. Grjótagjá – Love nest of Ygritte and Jon

Want to re-enact one of the most romantic scenes in Game of Thrones? Then, pay a visit to the lovely Grjótagjá with your loved one.

28. Aït-Ben-Haddou – Pentos and Yunkai

Follow the tracks of Daenerys Targayen through the Free Cities and Slaver’s Bay at the UNESCO World Heritage site, Aït-Ben-Haddou. Perched grandly on a hill, Aït-Ben-Haddou’s old-world feel is the main reason why an influx of filmmakers and tourists come to his ancient Moroccan city.

29. Atlas Corporation Studios

The Atlas Corporation Studios is not only world’s biggest film studio, but it also a tourist hot-spot jam-packed with joys, pleasures, thrills and attractions.

30. Cordoba’s Roman Bridge – Volantis’s Long Bridge

Cordoba’s magnificent and historic Roman Bridge will be the great Long Bridge of the Free City Volantis.

31. Alcázar de Sevilla – GOT’s Water Palaces of Dorne

Alcázar de Sevilla is truly the perfect place to represent the Kingdom of Dorne’s spectacular Water Gardens. Not only does it have verdant gardens, but it’s also an elegant Mudejar architectural gem that will you awestruck its spectators.

32. Meteora

While most of the scenes in Game of Thrones season one were taken in Ireland, shots from Greece’s iconic Meteora were used for the background scenery in some of those scenes.

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