5 Outrageous And Sneaky Travel Fees To Avoid

December 14, 2014

From baggage fees to paid Wi-Fi services, there are a lot of outrageous and sneaky travel fees you have to avoid during your trip. Find out how you can avoid these travel fees, so you can experience an unforgettable trip without having to spend a fortune.

Whether you are enjoying a ritzy city break or a laid-back island retreat, traveling is by far a rewarding experience with potentially life-changing and memorable experiences. As you travel and explore the world, you get an opportunity to experience some of the most satisfying simple joys that life has to offer. From cultural immersion to pleasing your gusto with delightful gastronomic delights, there are tons of pleasurable moments to relish and cherish in your trip.

But as you know, traveling oftentimes comes with a rather hefty price. According to the U.S. Travel Association, international and domestic travelers in 2013 spent more than 620 billion dollars on leisure getaways alone. Even if you were able to score a good deal on your hotel room or flight, there is still a wave of out-of-the-blue travel fees that may throw you off your budget.

On the bright side, you don’t necessarily have to give in to all the hidden extra travel fees for your trip. Here are some helpful tips on how you can anticipate and avoid these hidden charges.


1. Fees for checked baggage

In 2013, the major top 15 carriers in the United States collected over 3 billion dollars in checked bag charges. So, unless you are flying in an airline that lets you check-in a couple of bags for free (like Southwest), you will have to try your best fitting everything you need to bring for your trip into a single carry-on.


2. Charges for extra-leg room  

Sure, having extra leg-room can make your air travel a bit cozier, but did you know that most airlines will charge you a whooping rate of 60 dollars for that premium?

3. Wi-Fi services

Nowadays, Wi-Fi is widely considered a free commodity that can be enjoyed by guests of hotels and restaurants. Yet ironically, there are still a lot of premium hotel brands and outlets that refuse to provide this internet access for free. Sheraton and Marriott, for instance, charge 10 to 15 dollars a day to guests who need high-speed internet access in their room.

How to avoid these travel fees? First, you have to ask the hotel’s concierge or front desk if Wi-Fi is available for free in common areas like the lobby. Then, ask them if there any restaurants nearby that offer free Wi-Fi.

4. Resort fees

Resort fees somehow remain a mystery to most of today’s travelers. As a matter of fact, even some of the world’s most seasoned travelers are puzzled by these sneaky hidden extra charges. For the most part, these sneaky travel fees are tacked to your bill without any explanation from your resort or hotel.

Luckily, you can avoid these charges easily by reading the details and fine print, as you book a reservation to a hotel.

5. Booking fees

Apparently, booking online is not only convenient, but it is also a lot cheaper than booking flights over the telephone. When you book flights via phone, you are compelled to pay a service fee of 25 to 35 dollars per booking. Online booking, on the other hand, has little to no booking fee.


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    It was a great read, Aldrich. I was also once victimized by extra leg room fees.

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