5 Scams To Look Out For When Traveling

October 8, 2014

For most people, traveling is normally a time for some artsy relaxation, leisure, and shopping. Whether you are taking a vacation on a stunning tropical island or in a buzzing cosmopolitan, traveling gives you an opportunity to enjoy some of the best things that life has to offer. Of course, traveling lets you delve into new cultures, sample delectable gastronomic treats, meet new friends, and explore the destination’s spectacles.

Unfortunately, not all vacation and trips can turn out to be a memorable, romantic and euphoric experience. As you set arrangements for your trip and plan your route, frauds and surcharges would thrive out of nowhere. Furthermore, most world’s sought-after destinations are now flooded with double-dealing swindlers who are looking for shady ways to earn a fortune, all at the loss and expense of the unsuspecting tourists.

Successful con artists would often perform their tricks to trusting and naïve tourists. But, travel scams can happen to the savviest and most sophisticated voyagers too. From unreasonable taxi cab rates to pickpockets, there are a lot of subtle ways to get scammed during your trip. Here are some of the most common scams that you should look out for, when traveling.


1. Credit card scams

Your credit card is indeed an easy prey for con artists. As a traveler, don’t let a hotel staff member, shopkeeper, waiter or anyone else take your debit or credit card out of your view. As much as possible, try paying all you commodities with cash, especially in flea markets or any other places where there are high instances of debit or credit card fraud. Likewise, don’t share your credit card information to anyone calling you in your hotel room. If scammers can get hold of your credit card information, they will likely run up a myriad of crazy charges on your plastic card.


2. Taxi fare overcharging

Overcharged taxi rates are quite prevalent these days, especially in large modern cities. To avoid this scam, plan your route carefully, and take advantage of the destination’s public transportation systems, such as buses, trams, trains and others.


3. Bar drinks with sleeping pills

As you sit in a bar, a good-looking stranger comes near you, and offers a fruity cocktail or a cold bottle of beer. Initially, you might think that this drink is just a friendly gesture by someone who wants to get up close and personal with you. But sadly, it could a devious trick to make you fall asleep, and lose your consciousness.


4. Street crimes with their not-so free offerings

There are a lot of street criminals who would pretend to offer something for free to you, such as a bouquet for your loved one, or offering their help to take photographs for you. After you have acquired their so-called free stuff, these people would aggressively demand for a payment.


5. Beware of the creative pickpocket specialists

From trying a friendship bracelet on your wrist to posing as poor beggars, pickpocket artists have a plethora of ways to distract you, so they can filch your valuables and wallets.

Take note of these tips, and outsmart the crafty con men during your escapades. Also, to make your trip safer and more pleasurable, make sure to plan your route with Trekeffect!


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Aldrich Infantado
Aldrich Infantado is a travel junkie and a writing aficionado who loves to share amazing travel tips to his fellow travelers.

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