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6 Most Incredible Archaeological Sites In Greece

December 1, 2014

From legendary oracles to stunning ancient temples, Greece has a cornucopia of archaeological sites to whet the appetite of a history buff.

Are archaeological sites and historic attractions your cup of tea? A trip to Greece is a rare opportunity for you to step back in time, and marvel at the brilliant masterpieces created by ancient man. Home to some of the world’s most awesome and iconic archaeological sites, this multifaceted Mediterranean haven is simply a network of ruins from ancient civilizations that date back as far as the pre-historic times.

Lauded as the cradle of democracy, Greece is a celebrated destination also known for producing the most groundbreaking philosophies, art and culture in ancient times.

Are you on the lookout for the best and most eye-catching archaeological sites in Greece? Then, take a quick look at these gorgeous and intriguing Greek spectacles.

1. Acropolis

With its archaeological significance and rich history, the Acropolis has become the emblem of all ancient Greece’s ideals. One of the most notable archaeological sites on the face of the earth, this Greek marvel is also a testament to the magnificent architectural heritage of the country. Standing tall over the city of Athens, the Acropolis is a steep ancient city with striking overhead views, and a dazzling array of monuments and buildings from Greek antiquity, such as the temple of Athena Nike, Propylaia, Erectheion. Of course, it also home to the Parthenon, a massive temple dedicated to Athena, the city’s goddess.

2. Knossos

Crete’s Knossos is a remarkable palace that is often considered the biggest and best preserved archaeological discovery from the gripping Minoan civilization and Bronze Age. Home to the great King Minos, this palace was the setting of many epic tales and heroic myths, including Icarus and the Minotaur in the labyrinth. Aside from the gazing on the palace, tourists can also feast their eyes on the Royal Villa, the Minoan Columns as well as the intricate wall frescoes.

3. Temple of Poseidon  

No list of the best and most fabulous archaeological sites in Greece is complete without the inclusion of the Temple of Poseidon. Built in fifth century BC, this picturesque ruin was made to pay tribute to Poseidon, the deity of the sea. Set dramatically on a rocky cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea, this temple is famous for its massive Doric columns and breathtaking panoramas.

4. Meteora

Perched grandly atop Thessaly’s rocky pinnacles, the Meteora monasteries are collectively one of the most awe-inspiring sights in this Mediterranean hub. Magnificent and mystical, these solemn historic wonders were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, thanks to its extraordinary beauty and grandeur.

5. Olympia

Sounds familiar? Well, it is where the Olympic Games, the leading sporting event in the world, all began. From the eight century BC to the fourth century AD, Olympia played as a host to the prestigious Olympic Games, which were held every four years during the classical age.  Declared in 1989 as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Olympia is now a burgeoning community that serves as host to a cluster of ruins, including the Stadium, Palaestra as well as the temples dedicated to Hera and Zeus.

6. Vergina  

Vergina, or also referred as the Archaeological site of Aegae, is hands down one of the most impressive and popular archaeological sites in Greece. An ancient Macedonian capital, this archaeological site became an instant sensation in 1977, after a bunch of archeologists and diggers discovered the graveyard of Macedonia’s past kings, including Alexander IV and Philip II.

When visiting these archaeological sites, don’t forget to wear a comfortable sweat shirt and good pair of wool socks, so you can move comfortably from one ruin to another. Also, store your saved pictures in a reliable flash drive, for backup purposes, in case something happens to your digital camera or gadget.

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