6 Must-try Quirky Experiences In Tokyo

November 26, 2014

Every major city has its own oddities, but very few can rival Tokyo, when it comes to bizarre activities and quirks. From off-the-wall restaurants and capsule hotels to a wacky pop culture, the city has a glut of eccentricities that can give you a thrilling one-of-a-kind travel experience in Japan. While most voyagers come to Japan’s capital city to dine, buy ultra-modern gadgets, and party, Tokyo’s peculiarity is what really makes it a special place to visit.

Want to make your trip to Japan's capital a memorable one? You might want to check out these wonderfully weird things to do in Tokyo, Japan! 

1. Dine and enjoy fruity cocktails behind bars

The city is no stronger to unusual themed bars, and Shibuya’s Alcatraz ER is no exception. Named after the historic American Federal Penitentiary, Alcatraz ER is basically a bar with an intriguing “medical prison” theme. As a guest in this bar, you will be escorted by a gorgeous waitress (with a nurse outfit) to a prison cell. Once you have reached your cell, you will be given with a meal served through a metal tray, which is very prison style I must say. Then, you will have cocktails that are to be sucked out of a hospital drip or test tubes.

To add a twist to your dining experience, there will be a few so-called deranged patients (actors actually) who will be running all over the place.

2. Stay at a capsule hotel

Spending a night in a quintessential capsule hotel should be on the top of your list of things do, if you are looking for a sui generis hotel experience in Tokyo. In this type of accommodation, you will be sleeping inside a fiberglass cube with a size of one sofa bed. Sounds ridiculous? Wait until you hear this. Now, picture these rooms or small plastic boxes, stacked in columns and rows with one other, and you will have a pretty decent image of this out-of-the-ordinary accommodation.

Of course, these accommodations are a lot cheaper than conventional hotels and resorts in the city. After all, these extremely tiny rooms were designed to provide basic and economical overnight accommodations for people who don’t need the services and ancillary amenities offered by traditional enclaves

3. Eat KitKat chocolates with unusual flavors

KitKat chocolates have been an absolute delight to people with a soft spot for sweet goodies. But in Tokyo, KitKat chocolates taste more than your regular chocolate flavors. Here, you get to eat KitKat chocolates that come in array of weird flavors, including rum and raisin, strawberry cheesecake, red pepper and wasabi.

4. Visit a typical maid café

Japan’s burgeoning fetish culture and its fondness for cosplay have paved the way to the birth of the maid café, a type of establishment in which pretty female hosts are dressed in maid Victorian costumes. As their patron, these lovely ladies would prance around, and play your personal servants. As they tend to your needs, these maids will address you as “Mistress” or “Master”, and amuse you with their cutesy gestures and voices.

Aside from the regular café fare, these cafes also offer an array of alternative services, including ear cleaning and spoon feeding.

5. People-watching

Head off to the Akihibara and Harakuku neighborhoods, and watch enthusiastic cosplayers and fashionistas parade their best and most distinct get-ups on the streets of Tokyo. Surprisingly, staring is not considered weird or rude in these neighborhoods. On the contrary, they prefer to be stared.

6. Dine at the flashy and techie Robot Restaurant

Japanese cutting-edge technology rises to crescendo in Shinjyuku’s Robot Restaurant. Beautiful performers and animated robots will perform and amuse you in a spree of energizing music and bright laser lights. Besides the wild and entertaining performances, a visit here also allows you to enjoy a drink and gormandize on a delicious meal served in a Japanese-style dinner box.

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