7 Ways To Save Money On Airline Tickets

November 24, 2014

Air travel carries a bunch of stereotypes, and being economical is definitely not one of them. Not only are basic airline tickets extremely expensive, but airlines have also introduced a profusion of extra fees, over the past ten years, making air travel experience even more costly and draining. As a matter of fact, the prices of airline tickets for flights abroad went up to more than 20 percent in 2010, according to MarketWatch of Wall Street Journal.

As airline companies tack on more ancillary fees, getting cheap airline tickets may seem a pipedream for most of today’s travel junkies. Yet, for all the additional costs of air travel, there are still a lot of ways to save money on your airline tickets.


1. Book your airline tickets in advance

Booking your ticket in advance is truly a sure-fire way to land a good deal. Prices for airline tickets tend to escalate as your given date gets closer. To get the best airfare deal, experts suggest that you book it at least six weeks in advance.


2. Minimize fees for your baggage

Carrying heavy luggage certainly comes at a price. Airlines, for the most part, allow each passenger to have one personal item or carry-on for free. But sadly, not all airlines are generous, when it comes to baggage. If you already know how much baggage you will need for your trip, start looking for an airline that offers the best deal for your luggage. Also, if possible, try to travel light.


3. Shop around

Go online, and compare prices for airfares on websites, such as Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia. With these online sources, you will surely find the cheapest airfares possible for your next trip. Keep in mind, though, no airfare is guaranteed until you have made the booking. In fact, the rate might change, if you book it the following day, or even a few minutes later.


4. Consider making a stopover

Flights with one or a couple of stopovers are normally cheaper than direct flights.


5. Ditch the costly booking fees

Booking fees for airfares are a bit sneaky. Airline tickets that are booked over a ticket counter or phone are usually more expensive than the ones bought online. As you book your ticket online, you get to save up to $40 on your trip. Sounds ridiculous? It may seem absurd, but it is true.


6. Cheap days to fly

Booking airline tickets on certain days of the week can help you save a fortune from your trip. Jon Morrey, Expedia’s retail vice president, says that most airline companies release their new flight sales and listings every Tuesday and Monday. As a traveler, you will have a better chance of scoring great deals during these days than the weekend, when prices for tickets go up.

Likewise, booking tickets on certain days of the week can significantly cut down your flight costs. Wednesday, for instance, is the cheapest day to travel via air domestically in the United States, while Sunday and Friday rank as the most expensive days.


7. Sign up for newsletters and alerts

One of the best ways to find cheap airline tickets is to sign up for newsletters and online alerts that are designed to inform its subscribers about great airfare deals. These alerts ultimately promote discounted fares on a handful of seats to get gratis word-of-mouth advertising as well as earn the airline companies some goodwill.


A friendly tip

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