Baguio, A Chilly And Picturesque Getaway Perfect For The Yuletide Season

December 6, 2014

Planning on spending the Yuletide season in a cool and refreshing place in the Philippines? Pack your travel gear, and get ready to experience an unforgettable holiday in Baguio city, a pine-clad upland retreat blessed with a chilly mountain climate.

Nestled in the midst of Cordillera’s mountainous region, the city of Baguio is an absolute breath of fresh air to the sultry lowlands and bustling cities of the Philippines.  Celebrated as the country’s Summer Capital for the past one hundred years, this breezy destination has been a cherished weekend getaway and summer destination for local tourists, thanks to its relaxing atmosphere, panoramic vistas as well as fresh and cool climate.

One of the top tourist destinations in the country, this city also has a sweet aroma of flowers and pine trees that permeate the air.


More than just a summer capital

Even though the city is known as a summer capital, it is nevertheless a great place for you to spend your Christmas season.  Besides, the city has a lovely, inviting and cool weather that would give you a quintessential Christmas feel. Plus, the city has a load of attractions and events that would make your Christmas merrier and more pleasurable.


How to experience a memorable Christmas break in Baguio

What are the things do during the year’s Christmas season in the city of Baguio? Take a look at these tips.

Snow in the Philippines (Are you serious?)

Start your Yuletide getaway in Baguio with a blast by visiting the Christmas Village in the Baguio Country Club. Drawing throngs of merrymakers and children every day, this themed-village is famous not only for its eye-catching Xmas lights and decorations, but for its impressive and mesmerizing artificial snow as well.  What’s more, the village hosts a plethora of entertaining live shows, such as live band music and Christmas carols. To top it all off, there are actors portraying Mary, Joseph and Santa Claus to entertain you and the kids.


Time travelling at the Baguio Eco Park

One of the newest attractions to hit the city, the Baguio Eco Park is a fascinating wonderland that illustrates some of the most iconic moments and settings mentioned in the Bible. Here, you get to feast your eyes on recreated ancient Biblical sceneries, such as the Way of the Cross, Egypt’s Pyramids and Garden of Eden. As a bonus, this wonderland is home to the Dinosaur Island, an area of the park where you can interact with its scary colossal robotic dinosaurs.


Zipline adventure in Camp John Hay

For a good dose of extreme adventure, make your way to the Tree Top Adventure in Camp John Hay, and experience a thrilling zipline ride.


A trek to one of the highest mountains the country

A climb to Mt. Pulag, the second tallest mountain in the country, is something you can’t afford to miss during your Christmas escapade to his city. Not only will it torch the excess calories you have consumed during holidays, but it will also give you breathtaking views of the region.

For avid mountaineers, camping is also possible on this lofty scenic mountain. Just don’t forget, though, to bring the right camping gear and hiking equipment. Also, bring a travel mug and a cooking pan, so you can cook your own food.


Strawberry delights 

No Christmas adventure in Baguio city can be called fun and complete without a taste of its sweet strawberry-filled delicacies, such as the strawberry taho, strawberry shortcake, and pork sinigang with strawberries.

Experience an enchanted and extraordinary Xmas retreat in the city of Baguio by planning your trip with Trekeffect!

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