The Best Ziplines In The Asia Pacific

June 23, 2014

The Most Mind-Blowing Ziplines In The Asia Pacific

Steel roller coasters and other theme park rides are nothing short of pure excitement. With a theme park thrill ride, you get to enjoy a spine-tingling joyride that will give you a taste of fun and adventure. But if you really want to take your adventure up a notch, you should try taking a breathtaking zipline ride.

Thrill-seekers and adventurous junkies know that zipline rides deliver an adrenaline rush that would blow their minds into oblivion. Just imagine having yourself hoisted more than a hundred feet above the ground while moving at a pretty rapid pace with just a harness, helmet and the air around you. To make this adventure more pleasurable, a zipline ride allows you to catch a bird’s eye view of the lush and beautiful surroundings of your destination.

From Oceania to East Asia, the Asia Pacific Region boasts an endless selection of sensational and rip-roaring zipline rides. Below is a list of the best, coolest and craziest zipline rides in this region.


Flight of the Gibbon, Thailand

Dubbed as Asia’s craziest zipline ride by Fox News, the Flight of the Gibbon is a one-of-a-kind experience that you cannot afford to miss during your trip to Thailand. Nestled amidst Thailand’s rainforest, this zipline ride lets you experience the thrill of flying above the verdant tropical foliage and beautiful landscapes of the destination. In this outdoor adventure, you will be gliding through a 3-kilometer jungle canopy with adrenaline-inducing abseils, picturesque sky bridges, and state-of-the-art zipline wires.

The Flight of The Gibbon, however, is more than just a crazy thrill ride. Aside from the zipline trip, it also a fun, educational and engaging canopy tour that gives you an insight about Thailand’s rainforests. On top of that, this tour includes a flavorful traditional Thai lunch and a stop at the Khao Kaew Safari, a park teeming with exotic wildlife, including gibbons, meerkats, hippos, lions and many more.


Flying Fox, New Zealand

Gravity Canyon’s Flying Fox is arguably the best and most exciting zipline ride in the whole Asia Pacific region. As cute as it sounds, make no mistake about it, this ride is definitely not for the faint of heart. Like a flying fox, you will be soaring through the beautiful Gravity Canyon a blistering speed that ranges from eighty to a hundred miles per hour. Furthermore, this ride will make you feel like you are Superman, as you will be doing it facedown.


Lake Sebu’s Zipline, Philippines

With an impressive height of over 500 feet, Lake Sebu’s zipline is indeed the highest one in the Southeast Asian region. As with the other ziplines in this list, this outdoor adventure gives you a chance to feel the excitement of flying like a bird. In this ride, you will see yourself gliding freely in the wind and looking fearlessly below without any worries. What makes this zipline special and more amazing is that it gives you a wonderful feeling that you are one with Mother Nature. As you glide in its sturdy wires, you will be able to see the tall trees, crystal clear falls, and the beautiful river from a different perspective.


Sydney TreeTop Safari, Australia

For an exciting and scary adventure in Sydney, try the Sydney TreeTop Safari. A unique adrenaline-pumping attraction, the Sydney TreeTop Safari gives you a close encounter with the flora and fauna in Australia, through an exhilarating gliding tree canopy tour. In addition, this tour gives you dramatic views of the Blue Mountains and Sydney Harbor Bridge, as you easily glide through the air.


Indeed, no other outdoor adventure or thrill ride is as hair-raising as a zipline ride. To experience these heart-pounding rides from any of the destinations mentioned in the list, plan your trip to the Asia Pacific now with Trekeffect!


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