Boracay: The Party Capital of the Philippines

June 18, 2014

Boracay, a party capital with the best nightlife in the Philippines

When it comes to party and nightlife, no other destination in the Philippine archipelago is as famous as Boracay. Heralded as the country’s party capital, the island Boracay is truly a buzzing tropical paradise with an electrifying nightlife scene that can give Ibiza and Bangkok (the most beloved party destinations in the world) a run for their money. Despite its relatively small land area, the island has amazingly a plethora of nightlife options. If you are someone who loves to party hard, a visit to this Philippine island certainly won’t disappoint you.

The best time to enjoy its nightlife scene

The party never stops in this tropical haven.  Every night, the island’s idyllic pristine beach magically transforms into a wild party ground full of life and colors. But, there are a few special occasions in which tourists can get a taste of the island’s finest nightlife offerings. If you want to experience some of the world’s most intoxicating and vigorous parties, come to Boracay during Holy Week, Halloween or the Christmas and New Year season.

The party hours

In Boracay, the party always starts early. For the most part, the island’s party scene kicks in from five o’clock in the afternoon to seven o’clock in the evening. There are some bars on this island, however, that begin their happy hours a bit earlier. As a matter of fact, a few of these party hot-spots bring out their ice-cold bottles of beer and refreshing island drinks at two o’clock in the afternoon. Around eleven in the evening, Boracay gets louder, and the audience on its long beach shoreline changes. As the older tourists kick back on their upscale beachfront hotels, the younger ones party hard, and set the night on fire. As expected, Boracay’s parties end when the sun starts to rise.

What to expect from its party scene

From heart-pounding disco clubs to live beach cultural shows, the island indeed has a pretty diverse nightlife scene. Moreover, as one of the premier destinations in Asia, the island serves a wide array of sumptuous food, from traditional Filipino dishes to international cuisines. For those who want to get wasted, the island has a vast selection of drinks, including wines, beers, cocktails, gins and other kinds of spirits. On top of it all, nearly all the nightlife options in this vibrant destination are offered at very affordable and reasonable rates.

Where to party in Boracay

When the sun sets on the island, hordes of tourists flock to the “White Beach”, to catch a glimpse of its legendary sunset. As they watch the sun submerge in the sea, these tourists would often take a sip at their favorite drink, whether it a beer or a cocktail. Also, in the White Beach, tourists get a chance to party in some of the island’s trendiest and most famous bars, such as Cocoloco, Mango-Ray Resort, Isla Baila, Café del Sol, Pat Creek bar, Fridays Resort, and Cocomangas Shooter Bar. With its wealth in party options, it is no wonder the White beach is considered the heart of Boracay’s nightlife scene.

If you are fond of dancing and pulsating disco music, make a late night stop at Pier One. As a disco club, Pier One plays bombastic techno and hip-hop music from the country’s best recording artists. Furthermore, the venue has cozy chairs, a gigantic bar, and a handful of billiard tables.

Summer Place, or also referred as the Sex Shooter Bar, is another great nightlife option during your tip to this island. A staple in the party scene of this destination, the Summer Place is a favorite hangout venue for foreign tourists as well as Filipino celebrities. As with other bars in the area, the Sex Shooter Bar has cool and zesty vibes, and boasts a wide selection of drinks.

Aside from enjoying its wild and rip-roaring parties, a visit to Boracay also allows you to enjoy its majestic and gorgeous beaches. So, if you are looking for an exquisite beach destination with a zippy nightlife scene, plan a trip to Boracay with Trekeffect!

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