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A Budget-Friendly Trip Plan To Paris

One of the most romanticized cities in the world, Paris is truly a euphoric destination known for its sophistication, style and nostalgic feel. Nicknamed as the City of Lights, Paris beckons epicurean travelers…

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Peach Anne Nacion
September 5, 2014

How To Experience Amsterdam Without Spending A Fortune

Whether you are party animal, history buff or someone who wants to enjoy the laid-back ambiance of a beautiful European city, there is something special and interesting that awaits you in the City…

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Peach Anne Nacion
August 14, 2014

Brussels On A Budget: A Complete Guide

How To Enjoy A Trip To Brussels On A Tight BudgetBrussels, the capital city of Belgium, is truly a godsend for luxurious and extravagant travelers. Known for its opulent and casual vibes, this…

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Maria Tugayeva
June 20, 2014