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Sex & Justice: Funny and Weird Sex Laws Around The World

One would think there’s nothing wrong with consensual sex between adults. The lawmakers in these regions, however, think otherwise. These sex laws – some still enforced, mind you – will get a couple…

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Maria Tugayeva
June 24, 2015

6 Most Spectacular Volcanoes In The World

For ages, volcanoes have been feared and worshiped by men for their mystery and power. In ancient cultures, these forceful natural wonders were a source of legends and myths. As a matter of…

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Ashley Thompson
November 9, 2014

Warsaw: The World’s Phoenix

Just like the mermaid in the legend of Warsaw said that the village would grow into a beautiful city because of the hard work of the simple fisherman who chose to live there……

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Maria Tugayeva
January 10, 2014

Weird Christmas Traditions

Unique Christmas traditions around the worldThe Christmas holiday holds special meaning for people around the world. From holiday meals to activities and transportation, every region has its own traditions. Whether you’re looking to…

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April Bamburg
December 24, 2013

14 Insane Festivals Worldwide

Show me a person who hates festivals and I will show you a person who needs to get laid very badly…I mean who doesn’t like to be lost in the sound of magical…

Kookie de Leon
September 26, 2013