Christmas: Couples Edition

December 16, 2013

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or if you just started dating, just got married, you still want to spend some time with your significant other. Christmas Holidays are the perfect time whether you want to get away from Santa or not, it’s still pretty much about you and them.


The city of love is of course a very obvious yet lovely choice. Keep in mind that Christmas isn’t as widely celebrated in France (as it is elsewhere) so you will be able to get away from the festiveness if you wish so, but if you don’t you will have the Christmas Trees and commercial Santas jingling everywhere. You also have the classic Merry-Go-Rounds which will pop up at every corner specifically for this season. Also if the weather is a bit too chilly for you two use this great opportunity to have a proper walk in the lovely Louvre.

Don’t forget to visit the Eiffel tower where you can have a lovely romantic meal on the top of it and have a wonder view of Christmas Paris. Also on the Eiffel tower don’t forget to use your chance to ice skate at 200 feet!

There is an Avante-Garde annual Christmas tree expedition. They will vaguely remind you of the actual trees, but there are always wonderful sculptures and all the funds go to a French charity which helps orphaned children.


Amsterdam has pretty much everything which you want and for all tastes also with a touch of the forbidden fruit, which attracts so many tourists with its scandalous red light district and infamous cafes.

Amsterdam is also the home of the famous Van Gogh museum which guides you from his beginnings to his journey of being a master of colour and the great painter that we know him as today. For a more classic art approach there is the Rembrandthuis which is a Rembrandt museum, which was initially a house he had bought during his life back in 1639. It was restored by professionals to make sure that it remains as close as possible to what it had once been, as when he went bankrupt he had to sell the house. Amsterdam has also other museums such as the Anne Frank Huis or the famous Sex Museum.

Fernando de Noronha

A great place if you truly want to be alone in something not yet discovered properly by tourists and with little archipelago’ population and the tourists being about 400 at a time. It used to be where prisoners where kept so until the 19th century it had all been forest, preventing the prisoners from escaping. It’s a few miles off the Brazilian coast and pretty much away from the city lights and crowded places, giving you full comfort. It offers great diving, great flora and fauna. It is a very popular location for newly weds to come on their honeymoon and a great location for LGBT couples. Also apparently (if you follow the fashion world) it is a favourite of Naomi Cambell and Mario Testino.

But no matter where you go, I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time and choose going somewhere with your significant other and even if you book now, it’s not too late! Don’t forget to share your ideas with your friends or partner on Trekeffect!

Mariya Tugayeva

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Maria Tugayeva
Mariya is a Marketing guru and writer, with a world experience from living and growing up in different countries. Her work quote is: "In a word: pleasure. It's like, my pleasure in other people's leisure." -Daniel "Spud" Murphy, Trainspotting

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