7 Cleanest Cities In The World

May 13, 2014

Big cities that are the absolute cleanest on Earth, and the best to live in

Today’s bustling cities are notoriously known for its congested traffic, air pollution and unhygienic conditions. From Asia to North America, nearly every city in the world is facing the challenges of pollution. And, with the increasing number of inhabitants in these cities, it has become quite difficult for world leaders and officials to keep cities orderly and uncluttered. However, the world still has a few cities that have been able to maintain its asepsis and purity. In this travel guide, you will find a list of the cleanest cities that the world has to offer.


1. Calgary, Canada

Calgary is a gorgeous city that has been long considered one of the cleanest cities in the world. Despite its massive land area and population, the city remains unpolluted and immaculately clean. Unlike other bustling metropolises, this taintless Canadian city has top-notch waste management systems. Not to mention, their citizens take pride in making their city neat as a pin. On top of it all, the city is teeming with flowers, trees and greenery.


2. Honolulu, Hawaii

As the capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu is just dynamic, populous and fast-paced as any major city on the face of the earth. As a major tourist destination, the city draws also millions of tourists from all corners of the world each year. Yet surprisingly, the city has been able to retain its unstained Hawaiian charm.  Besides its hygienic conditions, the city also has an opulent backdrop and a laid-back ambiance, making it more appealing to tourists.


3. Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is a fascinating destination best known for its natural beauty, thanks to its unspoiled mountains, coasts and green spaces. Its biggest asset, however, may not have remained lush and appealing without the conscious efforts of its local officials. In Wellington, the local officials thrive in preserving the city’s unblemished setting, by implementing a myriad of sanitation programs all over the city. Furthermore, this charming and beautiful city has been quite efficient in waste management and air consumption.


4. Oslo, Norway

No list of the cleanest cities in the world is complete without the inclusion of Oslo, the capital city of Norway. While Oslo is one of the most populous cities in all of Scandinavia, this great city is always in apple-pie order. Besides its elegant and orderly environment, the city holds the distinction as one of the world’s greenest and most livable cities.


5. Minnesota, USA

The United States is a host to some of the world’s least polluted destinations and cities, but only one urban center in the nation makes it to the list, and that is the city of Minnesota. Thanks to its great water reservoir and progressive economy, the city has been able to efficiently maintain its cleanness. Furthermore, the city is full of scenic parks and green belts, making it look cleaner and more environmentally friendly.


6. Kobe, Japan

With its towering skyscrapers and avant-garde transportation, Kobe, a Japanese city, is fast becoming one of the most progressive and advanced cosmopolitans in the world. Still, the city retains its orderliness and charming beauty.  In Kobe, the people take responsibility in cleaning their streets and infrastructures. In addition, the city has a very proficient and reliable disposal management city. With its clean atmosphere and cosmopolitan vibes, it is no wonder a lot of people consider Kobe as the best place to live in Japan.


7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Named as the “Green Capital of Europe” in 2014, the city of Copenhagen is truly a remarkable destination that every ambitious traveler should visit. Not only is it a clean city, but it also has a plethora of striking sites and beautiful scenery.

These are cleanest, greenest and most livable cities in the world today. So, what you are waiting for? Plan your trip now to any of these cities with Trekeffect!

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