Cliché Locations to Kiss Your Beloved

January 6, 2014

Romantic and cliché locations to kiss often come hand in hand

Sometimes cliché is good, depending on your partner. Maybe they think that you can only be romantic if you like dolphins and that’s their choice. Maybe you also want to kiss in Paris – all is good, cliché is great and sometimes gives you a laugh too. So, for the lovebirds who don’t mind being ‘that’ couple who took ‘that’ photo in ‘that’ location doing ‘that’ pose for their Facebook profile photo, here are some romantically cliché locations to kiss at:



It doesn’t get much better than that: Italy, gondolas, singers, canals and all things romantic. But if you really want to kick it up a notch, hear this: local legend has it that if a couple kisses under the Bridge of Sighs, on a gondola, at sunset, as the bells of St. Mark’s Campanille toll, they will be granted eternal love and bliss. Specific you say?



Fact is, any location you choose to kiss at in Paris is likely to come across as cliché. After all, its reputation of most romantic city in the world isn’t for no reason. Some expert suggestions on clichés are to kiss either by the Eiffel tower, or at the “I love you” wall near Montmartre. There you will find the three words in over 300 languages, and have a go at reading all of them out to your beloved.


San Francisco

The Golden Gate bridge may be breathtaking, but for LGBT couples San Francisco means much more than just the City on the Bay. Take a walk or a tour around the historical Castro region, and you may as well kiss in every single important spot. Castro aside, there are many beautiful sights to plant a kiss on your beloved all around town. The most cliché is the Golden Gate bridge – only make sure you go midspan, then take it away.


New York

Everyone is likely to have watched more romantic movies set in New York than most doctors recommend, and all of them have intense romantic kisses that sweep one off their feet. It’s hard to pin down a top 3 but we try anyway: on a rowboat in Central Park, Gantry State Park in Long Island City (a drive-in – must we say more?) and Pineapple Street in Brooklyn Heights (near Woody Allen’s Manhattan was filmed). And if those didn’t do the trick, just look around you – New York offers you more cliché than your lips could ever handle!



It comes as no surprise that loads of American movies set in Europe choose the Greek islands for a setting. The small houses, crystalline warm waters and unmatchable sunsets are unique, and put the r in romantic. Santorini in particular, where you can watch the sunset from the streets or a café in a steep hill facing its small bay, sets the scene like no other. So get ready, grab your camera and your lover and, when the sun starts going down and the sky turns a blazing orange, kiss them as if it was a movie and photo it for all your friends.

Have you and your partner decided yet? You might as well do all of these kisses! Plan your romantic getaway at Trekeffect, and share it with those who matter the most to you!

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Maria Tugayeva
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