Haunted: Scotland’s Glamis Castle

March 31, 2014

There is something beyond us (well, some believe) which seems to lack explanations even an excuse of optical illusion might not always be the case, as humanity still flirts through out all these years with death and maybe it is our own mind, because we do indeed have a cult of death. Besides the obvious cemeteries, what is it that attracts us? Haunted places. And what can be more haunted than a castle?


Glamis Castle

One of the most beautiful and haunted castles in all of Britain and also where the Queen Mother was raised and even gave birth to Princess Margaret (such was done to make the future queen have stronger Scottish ties). The castle itself also served as an inspiration for Shakespeare to have Macbeth visit the castle even if there is no historical evidence of such. Don’t forget to get a tour guide which will tell you the stories in detail and will make sure that you stay frightened.


Earl Beardie

One of the most famous ghosts is of “Earl Beardie”, who was quite fond of gambling and playing cards. Back in the day it was believed that one should not do such things on Sunday and as the clock stroke midnight, he encouraged his friends to keep playing and they did not notice the presence of a mysterious man, as they were so entertained by their own game.

“Oh, how I wish we could play this forever.” Earl Beardie had said whilst playing and the mysterious man heard it. Like any ghost story, the man ended up being the devil who just fulfilled his wish. The room was locked and right now it is held by a brick wall. The legend is that on a certain Wednesday (if you’ve had enough whisky of course) if you press your ear against the wall you will hear them still cursing and playing cards quite loudly. The castle’s tour guides claim that they have done it.


The Grey Lady

There is a small stool in the left corner of the chapel which is quite tattered and frankly if you’re with a group of other eager tourists, you’d want a proper bench to listen to the history of the castle and this specific chapel. If you sit on that stool, bear in mind that is haunted and people who have previously visited the castle will sit there with a smug face and wait for other’s reactions. Or you can have plain beginner’s ghost luck? Not really. The chair is where the Grey Lady usually prays at 12.30 p.m. sometimes.

The lady is believed to be Janet Douglas who once her husband was killed was burnt alive near Edinburgh Castle in 1537. The story gets changed as any oral story from mouth to mouth, but her husband was still killed and the king wanted to get rid of her. The problem was that because she was loved by everyone else, the only way to kill her was to accuse her of witchcraft. She still haunts the castle up to this day, but is believed to be harmless. Still, sitting on the chair is surely not recommended.

Don’t forget that you can have your wedding there and just make sure that you try to capture all these ghosts and drink enough whiskey to strike a conversation. Plan your way to Glamis Castle and back with us on Trekeffect!

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