Top Five Hipster Destinations in the U.S.

November 14, 2013

The USA’s finest hipster destinations await you.

Whether you openly identify yourself as a hipster or not, you’re probably looking for a vacation spot or a new community to explore where people will embrace your independent-thinking, intelligence and personality. These hipster communities are known for embracing visitors and accommodating their unique viewpoints and personalities. Here are five hipster destinations where your sensibilities will be more than appreciated.

Brooklyn, New York

Hipsters are flocking to neighborhoods around Brooklyn. The city’s Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwack neighborhoods offer a variety of trendy restaurants featuring organic foods, bars where you can stop in and get a drink, or entertainment venues to take in a show. During the spring and summer, these neighborhoods are home to popular farmer’s markets, with locally grown produce.

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re looking for a city with a rich history where varying musical and cuisine influences don’t compete, but instead complement each other, New Orleans is where you need to go. Independent boutiques and flea markets show case the area’s artistic and quirky sides, while the city’s architecture speaks to its history. The French Quarter is home to restaurants and cafes that have become legends in the New Orleans culture and that are tourist hotspots every year.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a great city for the environmentally-minded individual who loves street food, craft beer and biking. Oregon’s largest city is home to hundreds of restaurants, coffee shops and food carts, trendy and vintage shops and cozy bars where a hipster can go to mingle with likeminded individuals. If you’re looking for an outdoor space, the city is home to many parks to explore.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a haven for hipsters and those who just don’t feel like they fit in anywhere else. The city was a center of the 1960s counter culture scene, with free love and flower power very popular with residents and visitors. Free-spirited, independent thinkers often find that they are comfortable in San Francisco, where citizens are often tolerant of free-thinkers. The city is easy to explore for those without a car – take the trolley or bus through the city. Not only will you find a thriving art scene, but you’ll also find that the dining there can’t be beat.

Austin, Texas

In Austin, Texas, a mix of straight-laced business-minded individuals and hipsters with more offbeat personalities enjoy thriving music and art scenes, along with interesting bars and beer gardens. If you’re looking for a place to eat that offers a wide variety of options and allows you to get your food and be on your way without the trademark greasiness and heaviness of traditional fast food, the city’s food trucks in the eastern part of the city are a great option.

From the west coast to the east coast, no matter what area you plan to explore, you can probably find a hipster-friendly community. Thriving art and music scenes, vibrant boutiques and vintage shops, galleries and movie theaters that show classics on a regular basis are all cultural markers of a hipster community in the making. Find your favorite hipster hangout, and plan your trip there with Trekeffect!

-April Bamburg

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April Bamburg
April Bamburg is a freelance writer specializing in community news, travel writing, press releases and other blog posts. She dreams of traveling the world and getting lost in Italy, Turkey or even Scotland.

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