Hong Kong Blitz: 20 Things To Do In HK In 4 Days

September 22, 2018

Hong Kong, famous for its stunning harbor and expansive skyline, is a dynamic and enigmatic city of heavenly food, ancient traditions and lofty skyscrapers. Heralded as one of the most sought-after destinations in Asia, Hong Kong has a cornucopia of diversions and attractions to occupy a lifetime. Whether it is your first visit or your 30th, “Asia’s World City” has enough treats and surprises to make your trip a sweet and memorable one.

How to See Hong Kong & the World While Loving Every Second! 

Eliminate all of the stress of planning your trips. Travel like a local and get all of the insider secrets for your Hong Kong trips!

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time to explore all the highlights and special spectacles in Hong Kong. Trust me, you could easily fill weeks exploring HK’s vast array of nightspots, sights, restaurants, markets and islands. And, while it is impossible to condense a metropolis so vast and diverse into a 4-day travel itinerary, this travel guide can help you blissfully experience Hong Kong in a short period of time.

Day 1: An urban adventure in Kowloon, Hong Kong

1. Swing by the Hong Kong Museum of History

A visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History is an absolute must for anyone visiting this dynamic Asian hub. Here, you’ll get an excellent insight of the city’s complex and fascinating past, through exhibits that relate to region’s ethnography, social history, archaeology and natural histories.

2. A short walk around Kowloon Park

For a relaxing retreat in Hong Kong, take a leisurely stroll around Kowloon Park, or unwind in a cool area where you can get away from the city’s heat. Likewise, you can snap photos of its lovely swimming pool, Chinese garden, aviary and small ponds.

3. Enjoy spectacular panoramas of Hong Kong

From Kowloon Park, make your way to Sky100, and be rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree views of Victoria Harbor as well as the world famous skyline of Hong Kong.

4. Look for cheap buys at Mong Kok

For your next stop, head off to Mong Kong, and soak up the buzzing sounds, sights and atmosphere of its lively street markets, such as the Temple Street Night Market and Ladies Market. These markets, as far as I’m concerned, epitomize the true essence of Hong Kong, with their crowded stalls and dynamic vibe. Of course, these markets are also the best places to shop for inexpensive items and souvenirs in Hong Kong.

5. Visit the largest shopping mall in Hong Kong

Harbour City, one of the largest malls in Asia, is a mega upscale complex that will overwhelm you with its sheer size, and incredible collection of attractions and restaurants. A paradise for shopping addicts, this vast shopping complex also hosts a plethora of high-end fashion boutiques, such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

6. Follow the stars in Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront

Nestled wonderfully along the scenic Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, the Avenue of Stars is a seaside promenade that offers marvelous views of its iconic skyline and Victoria Harbour. Modeled after LA’s Walk of Fame, this fabulous walkway is also dotted with hand prints, autographs and statues of Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, Michelle Yeoh and other notable figures in Hong Kong’s film industry.

7. Watch Symphony of Lights in Avenue of Stars

A perfect way to end a perfect day in Hong Kong is to witness the internationally renowned Symphony of Lights, a dazzling 15-minute sounds and light show that will leave its spectators in utter amazement. Fondly billed as “The largest permanent sound and light show in the world” by Guinness World Record, this nightly spectacle will appease your senses with one-of-a-kind digital fireworks, flashy lasers and splendid light displays.

8. Star Ferry

Alternatively, you can watch this grand extravaganza, while taking a Star Ferry cruise ride to Hong Kong Island from Kowloon Island. In addition to the Symphony of Lights, Star Ferry lets you see the wondrous skyline of Hong Kong from a unique and moving vantage point.

Day 2: A magical journey on Lantau Island, Hong Kong

9. Take the Ngong Ping 360 ride

With the Ngong Ping 360, you’ll have an exciting cable car ride that lets you see and experience Hong Kong from a variety of angles. Plus, it’s a cool and exciting way to get to Lantau Island.

10. Pay homage to the Giant Buddha

Even if you’re not a Buddhist devotee, the Tian Tan Buddha, or also called as Giant Buddha, is still a sacred site you must visit when visiting Hong Kong. Erected in 1993, this magnificent 34-meter bronze statue has a jaw-dropping splendor that literally helped put the Po Lin Monastery and Lantau Island into the global limelight.

By the way, the Po Lin Monastery also offers worthwhile views of Hong Kong and its surrounding islands.

11. Unwind at Inspiration Lake

After spending the entire morning enjoying spectacular views of Hong Kong, make your way to Inspiration Lake, and take a quite stroll or a picnic. With its tranquility and stunning lake views, the Inspiration Lake is to me the ultimate place to unwind in Hong Kong. Not to mention, it has a glut of recreational activities to offer to everyone.

12. Hong Kong Disneyland

Embark on an enchanted and magical journey with Hong Kong Disneyland’s fabulous array of thrilling attractions and rides.

Day 3: Hong Kong Island delights

13. Take the Peak Tram

The Peak is very often billed as the most awe-inspiring destination in Hong Kong, but even getting there can be just as spellbinding. With this funicular ride, you’ll get to feast your eyes on marvelous 180-degree vistas of the steep skyscrapers of Kowloon, Victoria Harbour and the Peak’s surrounding hills.

After your extraordinary ride, look for a great spot in Victoria Peak, and enjoy sweeping vistas of Hong Kong. Better yet, head to the highest viewing platform in Hong Kong - Sky Terrace 428 - and be swept away into bliss by its splendid 360-degree panoramic views.

14. An escalated joyride

Speaking of joyrides, don’t forget to take a ride up the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator, the longest covered escalator system in the world.

15. Hollywood Road Exploration

Stroll through this dynamic street, and explore a number of designer stores, contemporary art galleries, and antique shops.

16. Drop by Man Mo Temple

One of the oldest and most beautiful temples in Hong Kong, Man Mo Temple is a serene, elaborate and atmospheric scared site filled with lovely sights and aromatic burning incense.

17. Buy traditional Chinese items at Sheung Wan

If you have yet to shop souvenirs in Hong Kong, you might want to make a stop to Sheung Wan. Supremely hip, exotic and elegant, this old Hong Kong neighborhood is an eclectic mash-up for shopping experiences that are dominated by traditional Chinese businesses and beliefs. From handicrafts and antiques to traditional Chinese medicines, there are plenty of cool and extraordinary stuff you can buy in this part of Hong Kong Island.

18. Experience the electrifying nightlife of Lan Kwai Fong

Lan Kwai Fong, the undisputed party and nightlife epicenter of Hong Kong, is brimming with cheap drinks, sheesha, clubs, bars and ritzy nightspots. Nights here are pretty wild, and its street is crowded with nocturnal party animals. You can even get some free shots in this part of Hong Kong. It’s a little rowdy, but nevertheless a great place to hangout, especially if you want to see the wilder side of Hong Kong.

Day 4: See the scattered islets of Hong Kong

19. Charter a junk boat

Most of us think of HK as simply a bustling cosmopolitan, but the truth is, it is a sprawling archipelago with over 200 picture-perfect islands. And the best way to see the smaller islands of Hong Kong and their deserted coves and rugged coastlines is to rent a junk boat. With this voyage, you’ll get to mesmerizing views of the scattered islets of HK as well as enjoy a picnic. What’s more, you can ask the tour operator to drop anchor somewhere that is remote, and dive off from boat’s deck for a swim.

20. Indulge on a soothing spa treatment

To end your Hong Kong escapade on a high note, indulge on a refreshingly rejuvenating experience by getting pampered by any of these spa centers:

Extra suggestions

A filling gastronomic journey

Are you a foodie? Then, satiate your gastronomic urges and taste buds with a food tour around Hong Kong. With this culinary adventure, you’ll have a hearty and tasty trip that will give you a taste of HK’s staples as well as some hidden local treats.

To get the best value for your food tour in Hong Kong, consider hiring one of these companies.

Macau Day Trip

Macau, Asia’s gambling mecca, is just a 50-minute boat ride away from the terminal of Hong Kong. And guess what? You can explore it in just a day, if you start your trip early. And the best part is, you don't have to spend a fortune to experience it, as long as you don't hit the slot machines, play cards and roll the dice. After all, there are tons of free shuttle bus rides in Macau as well as a plethora of free attractions, such as the Venetian Lagoon, the Ruins of Saint Paul, the Eiffel Tower of the Parisian, and a whole lot more.


Hikers and outdoor aficionados may spend their days in Hong Kong trekking the scenic trails of this Asian hub. Here's a list the mountains and trails that may want to hike in Hong Kong.

  • Sharp Peak
  • Sunset Peak
  • Dragon's Back
  • Tai Long Wan
  • High Junk Peak
  • Violet Hill and Twin Peaks
  • Tai Mo Shan
  • Lantau Peak
  • Po Toi
  • Lion Rock Peak

Ocean Park

For those who are traveling with their kids, you can spend a day full of fun, sights and adventures at Ocean Park.

Affordable accommodations in Hong Kong

Looking for cushy yet affordable place to stay in Hong Kong? Take a quick look at our suggestions:

How to See Hong Kong & the World While Loving Every Second! 

Eliminate all of the stress of planning your trips. Travel like a local and get all of the insider secrets for your Hong Kong trips!

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