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How To Plan A Trip That Rocks With Trekeffect

June 15, 2015

Does travel planning take so much of your effort and time? Ever miss out on some amazing must-see places on your vacation simply because you don’t know how and where to get reliable information? Well, guess what? We may have found the ultimate solution –  the Trekeffect app – to help you plan a trip that rocks easily, instantly and for free. Whether you’re planning on visiting San Francisco, Paris, New York or Tokyo, the tip-offs shared in this travel guide will come in handy for your next big adventure!

Is it free to plan a trip with Trekeffect?

Yes, Trekfeffect is totally free for anyone who’s looking for a simpler, easier and more efficient way to plan a trip. All you have to do to use this extraordinary travel planning app is to navigate to, and sign up by providing your complete name, email address and a password that you want to use.

Afterwards, Trekeffect will send a verification code to the email address you have provided. Then, activate your new Trekeffect account with the code sent to your email.

By the way, you can login to Trekeffect using your Facebook account too!


How to plan an awesome trip with Trekeffect

So, how can you plan a trip with Trekeffect? It’s very easy actually, and you don’t have to be a savvy web master and techie guy to do it.  Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can plan a trip that rocks with Trekeffect.

1 Log in to your account

First, go to Trekeffect’s official website, and login using your email or Facebook account.


2 Create a trek

You will be, then, redirected to your Trekeffect home page. From there, you can add a trek (travel itinerary) by clicking the add trek button – the green plus sign on the right corner of the page.

Then, create a Trek name, and select a category (city life or adventure).


3 Pick a country set the dates

Next, select the country where you want to go, and set the dates of your trip.


4 Add friends

Type the email addresses of the friends who are coming with you on your trip, and click “send invites”. If, however, you are traveling solo, just hit “skip”.


5 Enter a description and upload a cover photo

You will be navigated to your trek’s homepage. Once there, you can upload the cover photo of your trek as well as add a description for it.



Then, click “Timeline”, to start adding venues to your trek.


6 Adding Venues

On your Timeline page, click browse locations.

Ultimately, you will be transferred to this page.


Browse the categories, and pick the city where you are going. Alternatively, you can find your preferred city by using the search function on your upper right corner.

Then, on your city page, click “Venues”, and look for the specific place or venue that you want to visit. Let’s say you want to make a stop to Empire State Building.


At the Empire State Building page, hit the plus button (+), to add this New York venue on your trek.

Set your arrival date, time and departure for your selected venue.  Then, click “Save to Trek”.

Voila! Empire State Building is now on your “trek”.

7 Add more venues

Keep adding venues, until your trek is complete!


And that’s how you can plan a trip with Trekeffect!


You can also book your accommodations with Trekeffect

From hostels and quirky budget-friendly hostels to lavish five-star hotels, Trekeffect has an abundance of options, as far as accommodations, for your next trip. Just click the “hotel” tab in the city’s homepage, to find the hotel best suited for your needs, preferences and budget.


Another plus when you plan a trip with Trekeffect

Traveling with a group of friends? When you plan a trip with Trekeffect, you also get the luxury to make collaborative travel planning with your buddies easy and hassle-free. With this travel planning app, you won’t have to send a ton of emails, tweets or texts to your friends or family, as you plan a trip with a group. You just have to invite everyone in one email, and from there, you can plan a trip as well as share ideas together in just one spot. Sounds simple, cool, and easy, right?


Earn money with Trekeffect

Did you know that you can earn some money with your created treks and travel itineraries in Trekeffect? As backpackers and long-term travelers, we realize the importance of having a passive source of income on the road. Let’s face it, you need some money to truly experience a fun and memorable trip. Even seasoned backpackers would need a job or two to fund their trips abroad.

That’s we came up with a solution to help travelers earn money while traveling. 

Get started by creating a trek after you login. Then just build out your trek, set a price, and put it in our marketplace. And, when someone buys it, we’ll send the money directly to your Paypal account.

It’s really as easy as pie. And trust me, we love pie


The pains of travel planning

The most difficult part about traveling is planning. Trust me, planning a trip can be quite a hassle and time-consuming task, even for seasoned travel junkies. Sure, there are plenty of good sources online, but they can very often make travel planning even more complicated and confusing.

There are practically hundreds or even thousands of route planners and online sources that promote trips, hotels, and destinations, leaving you and other unrelenting backpackers or travelers even more puzzled.  A number of recent market research studies have shown that people on average spend months and over 25 hours visiting dozens of websites or blogs like Trip Advisor, reading reviews, and purchasing guidebooks just to plan a trip.

On top of that, reviews can sometimes be a bit irritating to get through, data on transportation can be wrong or outdated, and it can take a great deal of your time and effort to keep an eye on all the different deals and offers available online. With the industry in travel planning being so disorganized and fragmented, it’s easy to see why travelers very often feel overwhelmed whenever they plan a trip.


An efficient and easy way to plan a trip 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can plan a trip, and get all the necessary information for your vacation in one spot?  Thankfully, though, there is Trekeffect, an innovative solution that makes travel planning a walk in the park. With Trekeffect, you got a potent app that lets you plan a trip that is ultra blissful and cool in just a few minutes. Thanks to this travel app, travelers will no longer have to spend hours, days or months scouring the internet and reading hundreds of reviews, just to plan a trip.

Of course, Trekffect also allows you and its other users to discover a myriad of fabulous tourist spots, as well as find the best places to shop and dine in your next destination or city with just a few mouse clicks.


So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot, and plan a trip with Trekeffect now! It’s FREE anyway!

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