How Travel Bloggers Can Earn A Ton Of Money With Trekeffect

April 11, 2018

Struggling to earn money from your travel blog? Looking for other ways to monetize your website, besides Google Adsense and paid sponsorships? Why not become a Trekeffect affiliate? Whether you’re a travel blogging newbie or a celebrated international blogger, Trekeffect offers you and other fellow enthusiasts a passive income stream with incredible perks. As a matter of fact, you can even earn money being a Trekeffect affiliate while you sleep. To make things even better, it’s totally free and quite easy to set up. Yes, folks, you don’t have to a tech whiz to really make it work.

Ways to earn money with Trekeffect

So, how can you earn money with the world’s ultimate travel planning tool – Trekeffect? There are a few ways you can earn money with Trekeffect. First, you can earn money with this awesome trip planning app via the traditional way – by building a trek (travel itinerary), and putting it up for sale on our marketplace. Of course, you may promote it on social media channels or your website, and earn money once someone buys it.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a short video on how to plan a trip with Trekeffect.

Got a great and steady audience on your travel blog, but can’t find a sure-fire way to turn it into cash? Then, be a Trekeffect affiliate and earn money from the treks or travel itineraries you’ve built on our app! Just sign up for our travel planning app, go to, and install the Trekeffect widget on your website.

You’ll ultimately get the standard 50 percent commission, when someone buys your trek through the Trekeffect. Not a bad deal, right? With a steady and trusted audience, you can definitely earn a lot of money being an affiliate.

And, guess what? You don’t have to build your own travel itinerary, and put in on our marketplace, to earn money being a Trekeffect affiliate. The thing is, you can also earn 5 percent commissions by selling treks from other users on your travel blog.

Promote your brand to countless of followers

Dreaming of being a travel blogger superstar? Once you become one of our affiliates, we’ll help you promote your content and introduce you to over a hundred thousand Trekeffect subscribers and readers.

Make your dreams of becoming an income-generating travel blogger a reality by becoming a Trekeffect affiliate!

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Bryn Wied
Bryn Wied is an outdoor enthusiast and serious travelaholic. She explores every inch of the globe in her Sanuk flip flops with her favorite travel buddy/hubby Matt. Matt and Bryn live in California where they blog, surf, snowboard and raise kids in between road trips and camping adventures.

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