The Irresistible Perks Of Group Travel

November 15, 2014

Group travel has become quite a popular option for today’s travelers, thanks to the numerous benefits that it offers. Whether you are traveling with your high school buddies, co-workers or family, group travel offers a myriad of perks that you may not otherwise experience with solo backpacking or traveling. As a matter of fact, traveling with a bunch of people can be a lot cheaper than traveling alone, especially when it is planned carefully.

Do you still think solo backpacking is the best way to see and explore the world? While I do love traveling alone with my backpack, the upsides of group travel definitely make this option hard to resist. In this travel blog, we unveil the benefits of traveling with a group of other travelers.


A cheap way of exploring the world’s wonders

Looking for a more economical way of traveling?  With group travel, you get to share the costs of transport, lodging and food with your fellow travelers, which in turn can help you save a fortune from your trip.  In addition, you can reduce your travel expenses by taking advantage of the discounts offered by cruises, airlines and hotels for those who are traveling in groups. Plus, hotels may throw in additional bonuses for people voyaging in groups, such as an airport service and buffet breakfast for free.

On the other hand, traveling alone won’t give you huge discounts for your accommodations and airfare. Of course, solo backpacking gives you the option of staying at a hostel or boardinghouse, but your tours and museum tickets will become more costly. Not to mention, shuttles and taxis are expensive for a lone wanderer.


Group travel lets you socialize with others

With group travel, you get plenty of opportunities to socialize with your group members and fellow travelers.  If your group is made up of your loved ones and friends, then you will have a chance to spend quality time with them, as well as get to know these people a little bit better. But, if you have signed up to a group tour with travelers whom you barely know, group travel allows you to forge new friendships.

Words of advice:

When looking for tours involving groups, make sure to choose a like-minded faction that will cater to your interests.

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It makes everything in your trip easier

Traveling solo is very often a challenging endeavor, especially when your destination is an off the beaten track. As a lone voyager in an exotic land, you will have to solely assimilate a variety of transportation systems, currencies, languages, and means of doing things. But in group travel, nearly everything is made simple. As you journey with a bunch of other sightseers, you can either work as a unit to figure things out, or appoint a leader who is familiar with the customs in the area. Either way, a group tour makes your trip simpler and more convenient on your end.


An opportunity to get away from your comfort zone

Group travel can encourage you to try thrilling one-of-a-kind adventures that you would never do on your own, such as climbing the steep slopes of Mount Fuji, getting your license for scuba diving, or plunging into a body of turquoise refreshing waters from a cliff. A group tour forces you to get out of your comfort zone, allowing you to become a braver voyager.

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