Last Minute Christmas Shopping Locations

December 19, 2013

Sometimes life gets too hectic for many reasons and we’re not able to buy our presents on Black Friday or some specific day you’ve got in mind. Online stores aren’t always the answer either. So then you’ve got to go out hunting, but is it actually hunting?

The closer it is to Christmas, the more the Christmas decorations will drop in price to empty the stocks, and for the stores to gain at least some more profit. Also, keep in mind that it is better to wait all until after the hype to buy electronics as they will drop in price further along the holiday. Not everyone celebrates Christmas anyway, some countries have New Year or Hanukkah as the big thing, so where would your good locations for Christmas shopping be?

New York

“My family’s in Florida and I’m in New York.” And remember all the shopping Kevin did in Home Alone 2. Kevin did his Christmas shopping just fine and sure, he had his dad’s credit card but the point still stands.

Shop as much as you want and need, you’ve got a wide arrangements of stores and if you’re traveling from Europe clothing brands and designer brands will be much cheaper as well as electronics, and you get to see the Big Apple as well!

For kids there will always be the classic option of Toys’R’Us and as parents are aware of, they have some neat exclusives which other stores will never have. Also there is the world famous Schwarz toy store.


Stockholm is one of Europe’s fashion capitals, from designer brands like Acne to massive clothing brands as H&M. It surely is one of the best fashion destinations with its known Swedish brands (which outside of Sweden you’ll mainly find in Urban Outfitters) and their own flagship stores or big malls as Åhlens.

Stockholm also gives you the biggest H&M in the world (and more H&Ms than McDonald’s) and every single one of them will be designed differently and offer different sets of clothes, all with the same good prices. You can also visit the H&M Home stores, which you don’t usually find in other countries with pillowcases sporting cats in tiaras or even paintings. H&M shops in Stockholm also double as beauty shops, where you will find quality beauty products ranging from nail varnish to hair dye from famous brands for a cheaper price.

Sweden does not celebrate Black Friday – some stores may have a small discount during it, but stocks are plenty and last long, so just take your time and dig in whenever and wherever you can.


Similar to Stockholm, London sports no Black Friday and almost all the shopping is done on the last days before Christmas. You will find yourself within a crowd, but even if you are it will surely not be as hellish as Black Friday in the U.S. and all English shops eventually panic and offer high discounts to clear their shelves (also, if you were eying Christmas decorations from any store, keep in mind that they will go dramatically down a week before Christmas and you will be able to touch up your home the way you want).

Letting the numbers speak, this year according to experts shoppers will spend 12 billion pounds(nearly 20 billion dollars) on the last four days before Christmas. Giants such as John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and Selfridges will have discounts up to 50% to make sure they make good profit at the last minute Christmas sales.

Have your Christmas shopping list in hand? Then head over to Trekeffect and start planning your trip! Our team wishes you happy holidays!

Mariya Tugayeva

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Maria Tugayeva
Mariya is a Marketing guru and writer, with a world experience from living and growing up in different countries. Her work quote is: "In a word: pleasure. It's like, my pleasure in other people's leisure." -Daniel "Spud" Murphy, Trainspotting

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