Lesotho: A Charming Lofty Kingdom In The Sky

May 21, 2014

Lesotho, A Landlocked Kingdom within South Africa

As a vacation destination, Lesotho may not be the first thing that pops out in the minds of many avid travelers. Tucked away in the lush and towering mountainous regions of Southern Africa, Lesotho is an unspoilt lofty country that does not get as much as attention as its famous neighbor, Cape Town.  Still, this promising tourist hub is a fascinating destination that will satisfy all your desires in outdoor trips and adventures. From sightseeing to pony trekking, this lofty destination certainly has a lot of breathtaking outdoor tourist offerings that may keep you hooked and busy for a few days.

Lesotho is the only country in the world that is completely above a thousand meters. In addition, it holds the record for the country with the highest lowest point. With its impressive lofty altitude, it is no wonder this country is often dubbed as the “Kingdom in the Sky”.

There are a lot of sights to see and things to do in this lovely South African destination. If you are planning to go on a trip to Lesotho, make sure to consider adding these suggestions to your travel itinerary:


Ice skiing

This may be somewhat surprising to you, but ice skiing is really possible in this Southern African destination. In Lesotho, snow has become pretty common in its deserts and low valleys. For those who want to try ice skiing, the country has a resort named Afriski, where you can ski on its icy slopes or try other winter sports like snowboarding. However, to fully enjoy these winter sports, you need to visit this destination during the winter season, which is from June to September.


Pony trekking

Pony trekking is an intoxicating way to explore and discover the natural gems of the country. With a pony trekking tour, you get to experience the country’s magnificent scenery, reach its remote villages of as well as drop by the most picturesque natural wonders, such as the 200-meter waterfall Semonkong. Furthermore, this trekking adventure gives you a chance to meet and greet the friendly locals of this charming Southern African destination.


Visit the Morija Museum and Archives

Lesotho does not have a handful of museums and galleries to offer to its guests. But, it has a few intriguing and one-of-a-kind museums that you cannot find elsewhere in Africa. The Morija Museum and Archives, for one, is a spectacular museum with a plethora of spellbinding exhibits that will leave you in awe. In this museum, you get to lay your eyes on a dazzling array of fossilized dinosaur remains that are believed to be over a hundred fifty million years old. What’s more, the museum serves as a home to archaeological exhibits and artifacts that will give you a better understanding of the planet and its vast transformations, from the continental drift to humanity’s ascension.



If you are fond of fishing, Lesotho has a host of rivers, dams and fishing sites that get give you endless of opportunities to catch a handful of fish.  What’s more, these fishing sites are very clean, and are teeming with yellowfish, barbell and trout.


Paragliding or Hang Gliding

For a heavy dose of fun and adventure on this lofty kingdom, try hang gliding or paragliding. With the Lesotho’s crystal clear air and spectacular mountains, the country indeed has the ideal conditions for these thrilling outdoor adventures.

Lesotho is truly the most underrated tourist destinations in all of Africa. But with more and more adventurous tourist flocking to this opulent Southern African country, Lesotho may soon become one of the premier tourist hubs in this continent.

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