Make Your Hostel Stay Easier: Understand the Rules

February 20, 2014

For adventurous travelers, staying in a hostel has its advantages. Not only will you create amazing memories, but you’ll be able to stretch your travel budget a bit and meet many interesting people.

Typically, travelers in hostels end up sharing a room with multiple people (sometimes as many as eight, depending on where you’re staying), although there are a some hostels that have private rooms.  It takes a certain level of trust to be comfortable in a hostel environment,  but there’s no reason to worry about your safety.  The depictions in movies like “Hostel” and “Hostel 2” were not typical.

A Few General Tips

When you’re booking a stay in a hostel, be sure to ask just how many people you can expect to have as roommates. You’ll likely get an explanation of the rules of the hostel upon arrival, but it never hurts to think of what might not be stated in those rules. A bit of consideration for those you’ll share a room with can go a long way, no matter how long your hostel stay is.

The Unwritten Rules

Respect others. If you’re arriving late, you’ll want to be considerate of your new roommates. Don’t turn on the lights and enter your room loudly especially if others might be sleeping. You might want to change into your sleeping clothes in the bathroom so that you can get to your bed and get to sleep with minimal disruptions for your possibly sleeping roommates.

Keep your space neat. Just because you’re in a dorm room doesn’t mean you should treat the room as your own. Scattering your belongings all over the room will likely irritate your roommates and create tension. No one will pick up after you.

Don’t bring visitors in. There’s a reason that hostels have common rooms – to socialize. Your roommates may not be comfortable with individuals less known to them than you coming into the space you share. This also helps to lessen the chance that your items (or a roommate’s belongings) might get broken or be stolen.

Pack early. Whether you’ve been at the same hostel for several days or are finishing up a short visit, packing is not fun. Here’s a newsflash: it’s not very enjoyable for your roommates either, especially if your process is a noisy or prolonged one.  If you pack before people are settling in, that will avoid a stressful situation and might help you finish the task more quickly.

Don’t hog the bathroom. When you’re in shared housing like a hostel, you’ll have to share bathrooms. Don’t take an overly long shower when you know others are waiting, and don’t leave the bathroom a mess.

Be aware of your moods. If you’re not a morning person, that’s fine, but you’ll lose friends if you’re snappish. Try to get to know your roommates and others at the hostel – it makes living in close quarters that much nicer when you have a courteous relationship.

So, are you ready now? Then off you go – log onto Trekeffect, plan your trip and enjoy your hostel stay!

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April Bamburg
April Bamburg is a freelance writer specializing in community news, travel writing, press releases and other blog posts. She dreams of traveling the world and getting lost in Italy, Turkey or even Scotland.

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