How To Plan A Road Trip That Rocks

August 29, 2014

Looking for a memorable, fun and cheap destination for your next vacation? Then, skip buying those costly airfares, avoid traveling internationally, and just stick to your good old family car. As you take a classic road expedition with your friends and loved ones, you get to see your country at a slow and delightful pace, as well as experience its charm from a completely different perspective. What’s more, driving makes geography more concrete as well as allows you to appreciate natural beauty. Whether you are taking a road trip in Mexico, UK or Australia, traveling on the road is indeed a great way to spend your trip with your family.

As a traveler, a road trip may seem a cheaper alternative to traveling abroad. After all, you won’t need to buy plane tickets, book accommodations, and dine in lavish restaurants. But, a road trip can turn out to be a costly vacation, especially if you didn’t plan it properly. From fuel costs to food, expenses can quickly pile up during your driving adventure.

Thankfully, we at Trekeffect have come up with a few solutions on how to plan a road trip that won’t cost a fortune. As a bonus, you will also get insightful tips on how to plan a road trip that rocks!



Plan a route with your family

As you plan a road trip, the first thing you have to do is to choose a route for your family vacation. Together with your family, map a route to travel, and find out how many miles and days your vacation will encompass. As soon as you figure out the time and distance, you can set a budget for lodging, food and gas. Likewise, you will be able to know what you would need to prepare for your trip.


What to pack

Knowing what to pack can be a bit tricky, as you plan a road trip with your family. As a road tripper, you will be tempted to pack a lot of stuff, as you have an entire vehicle to fill. But, apart from adding more weight (which burns more fuel), packing too much adds clutter to your car. Not to mention, it makes it harder for you to locate what you are looking for. Since you will be spending a chunk of your time inside the car, you want it to be as cozy as possible.

What are the things you should pack for your family adventure? Here are some of the essentials you need for your trip:

–        Safety: Medications, First aid kit, emergency vehicle kit, important documents and phone numbers

–        Attire and clothing: Sunglasses, cushy walking shoes, shirts, shorts

–        Accoutrements and food: Dish soap, knife, cutting board, bottle and can opener, eating utensils, cooler, water, snacks, grilling utensils, basic seasonings

–        Technology: Camera, car charger for your mobile phone, GPS

–        Extras: Cash, toilet paper, maps (since mobile phones and GPS can sometimes lose signal)

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Look for affordable family entertainment

When you plan a road trip with your family, look for affordable entertainment and sightseeing opportunities along your route, using Trekeffect. Also, take advantage of the tourism sites of the cities or states that you are planning to visit. With these sources, check if there are museums in the places you plan to visit that offer free admissions of certain days. For a more convivial journey, travel during summer, when the weather is warm, and the cities are speckled with free concerts, art shows, festivals and fairs.

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