10 Reasons To Go Camping With Your Special Someone

November 19, 2017

Romance comes in many shapes and sizes. A lot of us may associate it with occasional candlelit dinners but there are also those who are content with a less upscale form of dating such as exploring a new city with a backpack, or crawling under a tent  and camping, while watching the stars, for example.

If you think that romance can be ignited — or reignited — in unconventional ways then I suggest you try out crawling under a tent to watch the stars with your special someone. And what better time than to try camping out this summer.


1. It beats the summer heat

With climate change in effect and our cities becoming hotter and hotter every year, an escape to somewhere cooler with your significant other might just be the vacation that you need. The heat can get on one’s nerves very easily and can make us extremely irritable. If you’ve been having a short fuse on each other for some time now, perhaps camping in the mountains or by the lake where the temperature is much lower can help resolve that.


2. You get undistracted time with each other

With all forms of media being shoved in our faces, giving anyone undivided attention for even a few minutes have become a major feat. Take some time off and forget about who failed to pick up the milk or who has been spending too much time at work. Why not enjoy the peace and quiet in nature and grab the chance to talk to each other without gadgets and other distractions.


3. You get to escape from reality for a while

Living life means dealing with so many stressors: the boss, work, bills, gym, appointments, the list can go on. Camping somewhere that cell service can’t reach you is a big plus and it gives you that much-needed break from day-to-day living. A day or two, maybe even more, of camping in a remote area beats any amount of romantic dinner dates and movie nights.


4. You will learn to work as a team

Camping on your own can be very intimidating. However would you survive in the wild on your own? Obviously, camping becomes much easier when you do it with your significant other. Plus, there’s always the satisfaction of fulfilling everything as a team from planning what things to bring to finding campsites to setting up your tent and meals and getting by the night with just each other. Now those accomplishments are something you would never be able to achieve in a fine dining restaurant.


5. You get to see each other’s true selves

Fancy dinner dates are often just that: fancy. However, when you bring each other for a night in the wilderness, you get to see each other in the raw. No make-up or fancy clothing, no candlelight (just the stars and the moon will do), and no waiter to serve you.


6. You get to see each other’s worst personality

And, going on a camping trip that lasts more than a day, will most likely allow you to see each other’s personality. How grumpy does your significant other become when there’s no food on the table or no (hot) water in the shower or when the camp site is still far out? You’ll be at your grumpiest, moodiest, most exhausted state and you’ll probably end up hating your partner for a long, long time — or not.


7. It’s an affordable way to go on a date

Let’s admit it. Going on dinner dates in a fancy restaurant every week can create a huge dent in the budget. Instead of spending it there or on a romantic getaway in an all-inclusive resort, why not go camping for a week? You just need to spend some money on food and transportation and borrow your gears from friends. Not only are you able to get an extremely cheap vacation but you get to spend your money on more practical things like your loans, mortgages or even add it up to your wedding fund.


8. You learn to appreciate each other’s strengths

Camping in the woods, even for just a day, is a true test of one’s skill and patience. How long will it be before you finally blow your top? How resourceful will you be when the situation calls for it? Perhaps you will even discover how your strengths are able to complement each other, which will be extremely helpful in case you bring your relationship up a higher notch.


9. You learn to enjoy the simple things in life

It usually becomes so much easier to appreciate things in life when they are no longer there or when they are hard to attain. Cold nights? That’s when you take pleasure in something as simple as a warm fire. Long treks? That will make ordinary water taste as good as wine. No food? I’m sure you’ll enjoy every single bite of that grilled sandwich you packed up earlier. Camping allows you to take appreciation of the simplest pleasures in life.


10. You create a new shared passion

If you’ve never traveled as a couple, perhaps this is the time to start off something new that you can do together. It’s great that you already have individual hobbies but it’s also better if you share a common passion such as camping and traveling, for example. Starting it out now will help you build more memories that will give you happiness when you look back to it years from now.

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Pam Baroro
Pam is a millennial mom who loves to explore the outdoors to camp/hike/trek/backpack with her partner and their 3-year-old daughter. She also moonlights as a freelance writer, blogger and ghostwriter. Check out their family travel blog at Hey, Miss Adventures!

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