Rome’s Best Facts

April 14, 2014

All roads lead to Rome. There are a fair share of proverbs originated in The Eternal City that will apply to anything in life. The reason? Ask any Roman and they’ll tell you it’s because Rome is the capital of the world.


The history

Rome leads in many areas, and history is one of them. The city as the biggest concentration of historical and architecture treasures in the whole world. Within the Aurelian Walls, you will find no less than 3000 years of history. Few cities can boast such rich history, and even fewer can claim they ruled the world for centuries.

Some numbers: 16% of all of the world’s cultural treasures are located in Rome. Not impressed?

Rome is also unique religiously and politically: it is the only city in the world to hold an entire country within its limits. This outstanding feat gave it the nickname of ‘Capital of Two States’.

You can also hear Rome going by ‘Seven Hills’. We wish we could tell you their names, but unfortunately they got lost over the years.


The greenery

Europe’s historical hotspot also tops the chart in terms of green areas. When Rome isn’t busy being covered in historical gold mines and culture, it sports the title of greenest capital in Europe. No less than 40% of the municipality is used for agriculture, and that is not to mention its divine urban parks. Let us translate this for you: explore 3000 years of history, then spend 3 hours enjoying fresh air and lying on the grass. Could it get any better? Rome’s citizens say it always does.


The proverbs

You hear them over and over again, anywhere you go. But they teach you a lot about the city. When you’re over 3000 years old, people start talking you see.

The most famous ones, of course, are these:

Three things are needed in Rome: bread, clothing and patience (A Roma ci vogliono tre cose: pane, panni e pazienza)

He, who Rome does not see, believes in nothing (Chi Roma non vede, nulla crede)
It matters not to go to Rome for penitence (Non importa andare a Roma per la penitenza)

When in Rome, do as the Romans do (Quando a Roma vai, fai come vedrai)

In Rome, there are those who have had nothing in a hundred years, those who had much in three days (Roma, a chi nulla in cent’anni, a chi molto in tre dì).

Rome was not built in one day (Roma non è stata costruita in un giorno).

All roads lead to Rome (Tutte le strade portano a Roma).

To know Rome, a life does not suffice (Per conoscere Roma non basta una vita).


The food

Italy of course is famous for its outstanding traditional food, and Rome is no exception. You can find more about the dishes you MUST try in Rome (and anywhere else in Italy, too) in our article: 10 Traditional Italian Foods You Must Try


The summary

Rome will take over 3000 years to discover fully. The most common solution is to visit it over and over again. Plan your first or tenth visit to The Eternal City with Trekeffect!

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