How To Snag An Awesome Last Minute Travel Deal

November 16, 2015

Are you a frugal traveler who’s scouring the internet to snag an awesome last minute travel deal? Then, you are in for a special treat! Whether you’re heading to Asia or Europe, the tips shared in this travel guide will help you experience a wondrous, gleeful and one-of-kind getaway without spending a fortune.

Last minute travel deals are truly a godsend for frugal travelers and backpackers.  Not only will these deals help you save some cash, but they can add an extra element of surprise and adventure to your trip as well. Unfortunately, though, these deals can oftentimes lead to rather unpleasant and awful experiences, especially when a traveler doesn’t do his or her research diligently.

In the last couple of years, there have been numerous reports and Facebook posts suggesting that these travel packages that provide untidy hotel rooms and trashy airplane seats to its travelers. Not to mention, last minute deals are normally filled uncertainty, which can also be source of stress to a not-so intrepid traveler.

But the good news is, there are few ways and techniques to help you score the best deal on a trip that’s booked at the last minute. Here are some tip-offs that will let you snag an awesome last minute travel deal.


The power of Twitter

Forget your college roommate’s whimsical tweet or those racy pictures shared on Twitter by Nicki Minaj! Instead, use Twitter to score amazing last minute holiday deals. Trust me, you can snag great deals by just following influential travel bloggers as well as travel-related companies that offer discounted packages via Twitter. Keep in mind, though, most discounted travel deals offered via Twitter are available in limited quantities, so make sure to pounce instantly if an offer strikes your fancy.

Here are some standout tweeters that every budget-conscious traveler should be following.

  • Quickbook – It will give you the latest lowdown on hotel discount rates
  • Getatraveldeal – It features exclusive travel discounts that were discovered by their resident blogger Sylvia
  • Rickseaney – He gives his followers essential information on air travel specials, before they hit the big-time travel websites.
  • JetBlueCheeps – It tweets about cheeps (cheap last minute flights) every Monday
  • UnitedAirlines – It offers low airfares to its Twitters followers


Sign up for free email blasts and newsletters

Instead of spending countless of hours surfing the net for a great travel deal, swim over to trusted travel websites, and sign up for their special-offer online newsletters and email blasts. Sure, you might think of these emails as spam and worthless messages, but they can actually help you save a great deal money for your next trip. After all, you will receive the emailed newsletters, before the piece of information goes live on the travel websites. In other words, these messages will give you the first dibs on the best last minute travel deals.


Use adventure tour cancellations to your advantage

Want to experience the thrill of a lifetime, but don’t have a lot of cash to burn? Then, take advantage of the adventure tour cancellations. Even if the tour you desire is full, you can still have a chance to be a part of the adventure if there are last minute cancellations due to injuries or folks simply backing out. Of course, these deals are way cheaper than the regular ones, so call the company as soon as possible, and ask to be put on their cancellation list. Likewise, try to visit – a cool website that lists last minute deals for adventure tours like snorkeling and safari trips.


Bookmark Last Minute Travel Deal Sites

Airlines and hotels are, for the most part, eager to fill unsold seats and beds at the 11th hour, and would slash their rates just to get your business.  That’s why should bookmark these deal pages:

  • Expedia –
  • Orbitz –
  • Travelocity –


Mid-week travel saves you money

Traveling on a Thursday, Wednesday or Tuesday helps you save more money since most people tend to travel on weekends. Even if you are booking in advance, flying mid-week can save a few hundred dollars per ticket.


Pay close attention to the fine prints

While it’s essential for you to act quickly when booking a last minute travel deal, you should spend a few minutes reading all its fine prints. Also, make sure to understand everything that you will get for your money.  That way, you’ll know if the deal is worthy of your time and money.


Load up your smartphone with the right travel apps

There are a number of remarkable apps that can help travelers for great and ultra cheap last minute deals. Here are a few suggestions that you might want to install on your smartphone:

  • LateRooms
  • Hipmunk
  • Hotels Now
  • LMT (Last Minute Travel)
  • For Less
  • Hotel Tonight
  • Flight Tonight
  • Priceline

A final word of advice, don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect. It’s free, and it will make your travel planning experience a breeze!

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