How To Stay Safe When Traveling Solo

December 7, 2014

Traveling solo can be a supremely rewarding and amazing experience.  As far as I’m concerned, it is a thrilling and wonderful escapade that you should try at least once a year. As you explore your destination on your own, you get to discover more about yourself, and forge a bunch of new connections. Not to mention, it lets you travel on your own terms as well as add an extra element of excitement to your trip.

On the other hand, solo trips aren’t always as safe and convenient as traveling with a companion or a group of people. As a solo traveler, you won’t have a reliable companion to watch your back for the entire trip.  Furthermore, there’s no one to keep an eye on your belongings, as you buy your train tickets or take a shower in a community hostel.

Planning on traveling solo? Take note of these safety tips when going to destinations on your own.


Make copies of your important documents

Before you embark on your solo trip, don’t forget to make a couple of copies of all your important documents, such as your driver’s license, birth certificate, visa, ID cards and passport. Afterwards, leave one copy of every important document mentioned above at home with a close friend or a family member. Then, bring the other copies with you, and stash them somewhere in your travel bag, away from your original documents. That way, you will have a solid backup in case your original documents get stolen or lost.


Skip the irresistible extreme adventures

Rock climbing in a vast and remote destination may seem a compelling story to share with your friends back home. If, however, you get injured when trying this risky endeavor on your own, you might not live long enough to share it.

As a solo traveler, you should save all the extreme adventures and sports until you have a trusted travel buddy by your side. Also, as an additional safety precaution, make sure to invest in a travel insurance policy.


Keep in touch with others through the net  

Use your laptop, or drop by an internet café, to socialize with your fellow travelers online. Also, make it a point to send a few Skype messages and emails to your loved ones, updating them about your travel itinerary. Always inform someone whom you trust about your hotel’s location, as well as the next destination you’ll be dropping by.


Ditch your earphones when exploring your destination

Travel and music are the unbeatable joys in life that mesh perfectly. But as a solo traveler, taking a leisurely walk in a city with a pair of earphones is a way of letting your guard down. When exploring a city on your own, it is best that you save your favorite music tracks for your room, and stay aware of everything in your surroundings.


Be mindful of your drinks

Don’t accept drinks from strangers. To me, this is the ultimate safety rule, when traveling solo.


Plan it with Trekeffect

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