36 Summer Destinations That Will Give You A Memorable Vacation

March 31, 2018

Don’t know where to go in summer? From mesmerizing tropical escapes to electric urban breaks, we’ve listed down over a dozen of summer destinations that will give you a smashing, rocking and epic vacation!

1. New York City, USA

Summer is, hands down, an immensely popular time to visit the famous metropolis and with good reason. After all, outdoor sights like the High Line and Central Park are buzzing with events and activities in summer. And, if you need a soothing escape from the heat, you can catch a fascinating Broadway Show or spend a day one of the world-class museums in New York. Long revered as one of the world’s top summer destinations, the Big Apple is also home to some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and Empire State Building.

2. El Nido, Philippines

When it comes to summer destinations, very few can rival the sheer natural beauty of El Nido.  Billed as the ultimate island destination on earth, this heavenly sanctuary will leave you speechless and awe, with its immaculately white beaches, majestic limestone cliffs and crystal clear lagoons. What’s more, El Nido is dotted with posh seaside resorts that promise to give you a slice of heaven on earth.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, nicknamed as the “Island of the Gods”, is a living postcard and an Indonesian nirvana that sometimes feels like a fantasy. Known as the pride of Indonesia, Bali – one of Southeast Asia’s most beloved summer destinations – will give you a fantastic retreat with its historical attractions, deep spiritual culture, barren volcanic hills, lush rice terraces and sandy beaches. Price-wise, it’s also pretty affordable, making it a great option for budget travelers looking for affordable summer destinations in Asia.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

With its unique location in the Southern Hemisphere, Argentina’s capital experiences its winter season, from June to August. Still, it’s pleasant and enjoyable to wander around the charming neighborhoods like Puerto Madero and Palermo, with high temperatures not dipping below the 60s. Furthermore, it has a beautiful blend of South American flair and European charm, making it one of the top summer destinations in Latin America.

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Prince Edward, Beyonce and Jay-Z are some of the big names that have visited this gorgeous hub in Croatia. Here, you can fill your summer days eating fresh oysters straight from the magnificent Adriatic Sea, lazing around the famed surrounding beaches, and sipping on its delightful wines. Labeled as one of Europe’s most Instagrammable summer destinations, the city is so exquisite and charming that it became a filming location for HBO’s award-winning fantasy series – “ Game of Thrones”.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Longer days and mild temperatures make Edinburgh one of the most sought-after summer destinations in the world. Make the most of its favorable and pleasant weather by soaking up the city panoramas from Calton Hill and touring Edinburgh Castle.

7. Sicily, Italy

Looking for fabulous and diverse summer destinations in Italy? From relaxing beaches to Instagram-worthy mountains, Sicily has everything you need for a memorable summer getaway. Furthermore, this Italian isle boasts sweet wines, mouthwatering handmade pasta and fresh seafood.

8. Boston, USA

Reliving the history of the Old North Church and the Freedom Trail can be a little more pleasant in summer, when the temperatures are hovering around 80s and 70s. Moreover, it’s when Beantown’s energy rises up a notch with a multitude of festivals, events as well as baseball games at Fenway Park.

9. Puerto Rico

In summer, Puerto Rico’s peak spring and winter tourism seasons have already passed by, so you’ll have a chance to score low hotel rates. In addition, there won’t be long queues in its top attractions, and you won’t have to complete for a lounge chair on the beach or by a resort pool. Just make sure to avoid the late months of summer, as there will be an increased chance of bumping into hurricanes.

10. Paris, Italy

A summer vacation in the famed City of Love may have a few drawbacks, such as skyrocketing prices and heavy tourist crowds. Keep in mind that Paris is undeniably one of the busiest and most sought-after summer destinations in the world. Nonetheless, its excellent weather and wealth of dazzling sights more than make up for its cons. And, there’s arguably no better time to people-watch and admire the flora at Luxembourg Gardens, as well as explore the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery.

11. Stockholm, Sweden

A summer trip in Stockholm means you’ll get to enjoy a cozy temperature and daylight that may least for almost 24 hours. Add in Midsummer – the largest celebration in the country – and you’ll get a healthy and sweet dose of culture and cuisine in Sweden.

12. Miami, USA

A typically pricey winter destination, crowds shrink and prices drop during the hot summer months in Miami, leaving you an easier approach to the bar and more space on the beach.

13. Quebec City, Canada

They don’t call Quebec as one of the top summer destinations in Canada for nothing. With its warm and delightful summer days, it’s easy to see why tons of tourists flock to Quebec City sights, such as Battlefields Park and Montmorency Falls Park. Hit the streets of Quartier Petit-Champlain and Old Quebec, before you join the fun and excitement at the Quebec Summer Festival, which is held every July.

14. Cusco, Peru

Andean baroque and Incan majesty exist harmoniously in the stone streets of Cusco, epitomized by Santo Domingo’s church flanking the Plaza de Armas as well as the Qoriacancha palace. Often voted as one of the finest summer destinations in South America, this high-altitude city offers a plethora of archaeological wonders, lively summer festivals and extraordinary textiles.

15. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Even though its concrete urban sprawl doesn’t have Rio’s mythic beaches and verdant beauty, Sao Paulo’s thriving food and art scene has transformed the financial capital of Brazil into its cultural epicenter. Spend some time strolling its gritty avenues and alleyways to catch sight of the earliest works of celebrated artists like Eduardo Kobra and Os Gemeos. Afterwards, hit the top restaurants in Sao Paulo, and treat our palate to a wide array of inventive dishes.

16. Taiwan

Traveling alone, and looking for safe summer destinations for solo voyagers? Why not plan a trip to Taiwan? Not only is it extremely safe, but it’s loaded with wondrous attractions and diversions as well, such as Taipei 101, Elephant Mountain, Kenting National Park, Yangmingshan and Taroko National Park.

17. Los Angeles, USA

With Disneyland and miles of beaches just down the freeway, Los Angeles offers tons of classic sunny adventures and fun. You may want to go for a shopping break, for blinged-out flip-flops and a new swimsuit.

18. Dublin, Ireland

A summer escapade in Dublin may seem quite expensive, but for some travel junkies, it’s definitely worth the bloated hotel rates. Spots like Temple Bar and Grafton Street are wonderfully lively, and the flowers at Phoenix Park and Saint Stephen’s Green are in full bloom. If you want to save some money and score the best rates, book hotels and flights to Dublin months in advance.

19. Hawaii, USA

The youngest state in the US is known for its bright blue waters, mighty volcanoes and surfing – all great reasons to visit Hawaii. And, guess what? We have one more reason to visit it – tasty food.

20. Hong Kong

Who doesn’t love Hong Kong? An awe-inspiring skyline, diverse architecture, theme parks and mouthwatering dim sum – there are so many exciting things to do in Hong Kong during summertime.

21. Reykjavik, Iceland

With almost 24 days of daylight, Reykjavik indeed becomes a city that never sleeps on summer. Moreover, the city and its surrounding areas have plenty of summertime activities to offer, including horseback riding, whale watching and sea fishing.

22. Coron, Philippines

Coron is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best summer destinations in the Philippines. With its untouched beaches and breath-snatching lagoons, Coron can give a summer vacation that you’ll remember for years to come. Plus, it has a handful of attractions that can add more life and colors to your tropical summer escape, like Mount Tapyas.

23. San Francisco, USA

Sure, the infamous “Summer of Love” may have been a long time ago, but the “City by the Bay” is still usually viewed as one of the top summer destinations in the world. Just don’t forget to bring a sweater in July or June, when the foggy and cool weather takes most of visitors by surprise.

24. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto – the cultural and spiritual heart of Japan – is a paradise for photography enthusiasts, history buffs and culture vultures. From eloquent shrines to traditional garbs, the former capital of Japan is home to a medley of sites, remnants and sights that will give you preview of its magnificent past.

25. Hanoi, Vietnam

In the mood for a little Vietnamese history? On the lookout for exotic summer destinations? Hanoi – the charming capital of Vietnam – has aged quite well, preserving colonial architecture, the Old Quarter and monuments, while creating room for modern-day developments. Though it has shrugged off tons of former names, the city hasn’t forgotten past, with historic sites adding to the city’s appeal.

26. Tokyo, Japan

A tantalizing mix of modern innovations and ancient traditions, this fascinating, wealthy and huge metropolis brings the future’s high-tech visions side by side with old Japan’s old glimpses.

27. Seattle, USA

Although summertime brings outdoor fun in the “Emerald City”, we suggest that you supplement your ferry rides and hiking with immersive art experiences in Seattle. Enjoy a flick or two at the Seattle International Film Festival – the country’s largest film event. Over 380 films from all over the world are scheduled, every year, for this special event. For those who are fond of dancing, don’t forget to check out the Seattle International Dance festivals. With so many attractions to offers and events taking place, it’s no wonder Seattle usually gets a spot on the yearly lists of most desirable summer destinations in America.

28. Istanbul, Turkey

The Turkish baths, bazaars and elaborate mosques in Istanbul can keep you occupied happily for your entire summer trip. Get wonderfully lost in the city, snapping photos of its awe-inspiring architecture like the Blue Mosque as well as savoring a fragrant trove of fruits and spices in its bazaars.

29. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

No list of the best summer destinations in the world is complete without the inclusion of Rio de Janeiro. With its dramatic mountains, plentiful beaches and backdrop of bossa nova and samba rhythms, it’s hard not to fall in love with Brazil’s undisputed jewel.

30. Porto, Portugal

Take a summer break in this coastal city to enjoy abundant beaches, charming architecture, rich history and sumptuous port wine. Not to mention, a summer trip in Porto is more efficient, as compared to larger European summer destinations.

31. Sydney, Australia

There’s more to this metropolis than a dizzying variety of landmarks, such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Harbor and Sydney Opera House. Ranked as one of the best summer destinations in Australia, this splendid city flaunts a sunny and warm climate ideal for enjoying fabulous beaches, like Bondi and Coogee.

32. Chicago, USA

Just because there’s no ocean in the “Windy City”, it doesn’t mean you can’t find some beachy fun here. For a memorable summer in Chicago, spend time on the lakeshores, spiking volleyballs and soaking up rays. Afterwards, wander around the city, and be enthralled by its wondrous collection of towering architecture gems.

33. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s fairytale features and bohemian allure make it one of the most enticing summer destinations for beach-weary travelers who want to beautifully immerse themselves in culture. In Prague, you may spend a day exploring the Prague Castle, before refueling over a filling dinner at a quintessential Czech tavern.

34. London, United Kingdom

London is an eclectic and wonderful world in itself. You may spend your summer days in London, checking out its extraordinary neighborhoods, which are home to a mishmash modern-day attractions and historic landmarks. To make your summer trip truly epic, drop by the most popular attractions in London, such as the British Museum, Buckingham Palace and Tower of London.

35. Santorini, Greece

Yearning for romantic summer destinations? Ethereal and romantic, Santorini will sweep you away with its stunning beaches, dramatic sunsets and iconic whitewashed houses.

36. Phuket, Thailand

Headed to Thailand, to experience the best summer destinations that Asia has to offer? Then, make sure to include Phuket to your shortlist of the summer destinations, this year. Here, you’ll get to enjoy the quintessential tropical features of an ideal summer trip, including white sandy beaches, distinctive rock formations and limestone caves. If, however, the natural backdrop isn’t enough for you, the swanky hotels, fine art galleries, upscale dining and lavish spas might just do the trick.

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