10 Tips for Safe Taxi Travel

March 23, 2014

When you’re on vacation and want to relax or are taking in the sights in an unfamiliar city, sometimes the best way to travel is by car. There are several ways to travel by car, but the most common, and sometimes easiest, is to travel by taxi. Keep these tips in mind when to keep yourself, your personal information and your money safe when you decide to hop into a taxi.


Tips to Ensure Your Physical Safety

Ask for recommendations. If you’re in an unfamiliar city, it can be difficult to know what car services are reputable. At a hotel or airport, it helps to ask at the customer service or concierge counter. Sometimes it helps to have a local write down the information about your destination so that you can have the taxi driver read it, if you don’t tell them as you’re calling for a ride.

Sit in the backseat of the car. This one’s self explanatory for those who are traveling alone. This puts space between you and the driver and helps to ensure that if something does happen, you’ll have an opportunity to get out.

Travel in groups. If you can, catch a cab with several of your friends. There’s safety in numbers and it can be more fun that way. It’s less likely that a sneaky driver will try to pull something when you’re traveling with others.

Have the driver tell you where they’re hired to go. If you’ve told the taxi service where your destination will be when you called to hire a car, ask the driver to tell you where they’ve been hired to go. If they don’t get it right, don’t try to tell them where you’re going. For safety’s sake, this is not your cab.

Don’t carry all of your money or personal documents in one bag.  If you’re not showing how much money you have, it will help you to avoid becoming a target of unscrupulous drivers, muggers or pickpockets. Keep just enough money in your wallet to get where you need to go and put the rest in another bag that you keep close to you. Keep your passport and identification close to you, but consider keeping one in your pocket and one in your purse. That way if you lose one item, you’ll still have the other.

Consider the condition of the car. Pass on any car that is not well-maintained or if the driver is unkempt. Because the taxi is the driver’s livelihood, it should be in good condition, inside and out.

Gauge the driver’s condition. If you’re uncertain about your driver’s ability to safely get you where you need to go, pass on that taxi and get another car. If the driver is shaky or tired, or seems unfocused, get a different ride.

Make sure your cell phone works. Keep your cell phone charged and make sure that you’re able to call out if you need to.


To Protect Your Personal Information

Speak quietly when ordering a taxi. If you’re calling to hire a car, try not to let others overhear your destination or your name. This might help you to avoid being tricked.

Ask for an electronic receipt. You can’t leave personal information lying around if the driver doesn’t print a receipt.

Last but not least, don’t worry – taxis are usually a safe method of transportation. Following these tips and a bit of common sense will keep you safe, and allow you to enjoy your trip to the limit! Plan your next adventure with Trekeffect.

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