Tips On What To Wear And What Not To During An International Tour

February 1, 2016

There is quite a valid saying in English that your first impression is the most important one. Now, this, when implemented in real life situation is often misleading. But, what makes this discussion valid is the fact that your first impression might be the difference between you being accepted in a proper manner by the people on the other side and you being not.

Your sense of dressing plays a very important hand in this matter. More often than not, an unknown human being is judged by the way he or she dresses. This is why you need to be very cautious regarding what you are wearing specially when on a foreign trip. This article might help you out in a way or two.

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1. Avoid clothing which can be termed as religiously immodest

Religious immodesty might vary from religion to religion. But we should never take chances while traveling to places of religious repute or to certain specified places across the world as well. Certain countries of the Middle-East are very specific about the clothing of the visitors. While visiting these places, ladies should avoid clothes like the sleeveless tops, tank tops or bra tops while men need to avoid roaming about in shorts and sleeveless and try to keep their chest hair covered just as the ladies need to be equally concerned about their cleavage.

2. Avoid wearing flashy

It is perhaps a very essential part of the human instincts to show off their valuables. Try not to do so during a journey even if you adore your show offs. You are never quite sure regarding whom you meet during your journey. It is always wiser to keep your gems and jewelry including your diamond ring and platinum necklace as well as your valuable watch back home or else in course of the journey you might find them tagged in someone else’s collection. Keep in mind that you don’t need to impress anybody during our trip.

3. Avoid wearing dresses bearing inappropriate flags and symbols

Make sure that you never wear an inappropriate symbol on your dress while traveling abroad. Be very choosy about what is written on your uppers while purchasing them as they might contain abusive words or for that matter a religious sermon which might not be treated properly by the people of other religious belief. Read the history properly before bearing any type of flag on your dress.

4. Avoid inappropriate colors

Certain colors might be inappropriate depending on the countries you visit. They might even fetch you in dangerous troubles. Like, nearly all over Asia, white is symbolized as the color you wear on the funeral which might be in sharp contrast to your ideas being an American. While in Africa, avoid black and blue to avoid the dangerous Tsetse flies. Again, if you are visiting India during Diwali avoid the color green as it would attract the Diwali flies in millions during the evenings and night.

Apart from all these aspects, being dressed in a sober manner helps you get friendlier reception from the localities. You might even dress like the locals while on tour to give them the false implication that you are not a foreigner. Finally, apart from dressing properly, what more you can do is to behave in a confident manner so that you don’t look like a fish out of water during a foreign tour.

About the author: Angelina is a professional travel blogger and writer. She spends much of her time traveling through the country, documenting its riches with her writing and images. She is associated with Asap Tickets and loves to guide people with useful travel tips. She is on the pilgrimage of her life, learning different values, discovering new cultures, breathing life into experiences, talking to wonderful people, walking the roads and above all, trying to find the right direction for herself.

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