Top 10 Natural Attractions In Venezuela

July 15, 2014

The very best natural wonders of Venezuela

Venezuela is, without a doubt, the most underrated and overlooked tourist destination in all of South America. While its neighboring countries are romanticized for the Carnaval, spicy food and tango, the country’s international reputation usually swirls around the sporadic beauty pageant winner, oil and of course, political conflicts. But, there is so much more to this South American utopia than these causal headlines. After all, it is a country blessed with a wealth of natural wonders and hidden treasures.

The country is home to a cluster of intriguing natural attractions, thanks to its exotic location and staggering diversity. From the world’s highest waterfalls to the world famous Amazon Rainforest, the country has an endless array of natural gems to beckon its visitors. Here are just some of the countless natural attractions you can enjoy in this South American tourist haven. Plan your vacation there right now!

1. The world’s highest waterfall

The thundering Angel Falls is truly the undisputed star of Venezuela’s tourism.  A towering South American beauty with a total height of 3,211 feet, this waterfall is 16 times taller than its North American contemporary, the Niagra Falls. Besides its impressive size, the waterfall also captivates its spectators with its lush wilderness. Moreover, the area is rich in tropical flora and fauna, such as porcupines, capybaras, pumas, giant anteaters, orchid species and monkeys.

2. La Gran Sabana

Nestled in Canaima National Parl, La Gran Sabana is a vast and stunning prairie coupled with lush and breathtaking high mountains. Known for its unique and beautiful scenery, this natural wonder was once used as a setting for a blockbuster film known as Jurassic Park.

3. An epitome of a Caribbean beach

Los Roques is a charming Venezuelan archipelago that epitomizes a Caribbean beach. Here, tourists get to lay their eyes on psychedelic coral reefs, pristine white beaches, and crystal clear sapphire waters. Indeed, it is an idyllic utopia to eat fresh seafood get away from the hustle bustle city life. What’s more, it is an amazing place to dive, and swim with spotted eagle rays and turtles.

4. Los Llanos

No list of Venezuela’s top natural attractions is complete without the inclusion of Los Llanos. A vast and opulent tropical grassland, Los Llanos is an exotic delight blessed with colorful animals.

5. The Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Rainforest, or also referred as the Amazon Jungle, is arguably the most popular tourist magnet of the country. As the world’s largest rainforest, this scintillating natural wonder makes up almost half of the rainforest space in the world. Not to mention, it is a host to the planet’s rivers, in terms of discharge and drainage.

6. Morrocoy

As a tourist in Morrocoy, you get to catch glimpse of its beautiful blue waters and kaleidoscopic corals in the midst of a beach. In addition, the beach has lovely scenery and active wildlife.

7. A spelunker’s delight

The Guacharo Cave is a sought-after spelunking destination that draws hordes of adventurous souls from all corners of the world every year. Not only is the longest cave system in the country, but is also inhabited by flocks of oilbirds.

8. Canaima Lagoon

The Canaima Lagoon is one of the most magical and picturesque places in the country. A scenic and calming water lagoon, the Canaima Lagoon boasts a handful of white sandy beaches and is ringed with a few waterfalls, namely Ucaima, Golondrina, Wadaima and Hacha.

9. A magical gorge

At first glance, you might think that the Cuevas de Kavac is a long and mysterious cave. But as you look closer at it, you’ll see a deep gorge with an awe-inspiring waterfall plunging into it. There is also a natural pool at the waterfall’s foot, which you can safely reach by swimming upstream within the canyon.

10. Guanoco Lake

One of the weirdest lakes in the world, the Guanoco Lake is an intriguing natural wonder that contains over four million cubic meters of asphalt.


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