Top 50 Travel Blogs To Follow

February 11, 2015

Looking for a dependable and superb travel blog to follow? The Internet is literally flooded with thousands of travel blogs, sharing countless of tips, photographs and reviews. From extreme adventurists to lavish socialites, there have been a tremendous amount of travelers who have shared their most memorable experiences through their blogs and websites. While most of them can help you plan a euphoric trip, there are others who have shared posts with twisted facts, just for the purpose of marketing themselves or a related business.

Thankfully, we, at Trekeffect, have put together a list of the best and most informative blogs that can greatly benefit any traveler. So, without any further ado, here are the top 50 travel blogs you should follow.

Budget travel blogs

1. Nomadic Matt

Planning on traveling the world on a tight budget? Then, let Nomadic Matt be your guiding rod for your global adventure.  One of the most celebrated and established travel blogs ever, Nomadic Matt has a collection of informative tips to make your travels awesome, affordable and best of all, blissful. Trust me, Matt makes budget travel possible and a piece of cake.

Follow Matt here: 

2. Don’t Forget to Move

Don’t Forget to Move can be a great inspiration to anyone who wants to circumnavigate the globe. Whether you are a seasoned backpacker or someone who is planning a trip abroad for the first time, this travel blog has tips, tricks and stories that can help you enjoy your trip without maxing out your credit cards.

Follow them here: 

3. Rick Steves’ Europe

Traveling to Europe? With Rick Steves’ Europe, you’ll have a chance to see Europe’s most mesmerizing sights and discover its wondrous culture, without spending a fortune.

Follow Rick here:

4. Euro Cheapo

Euro Cheapo, as the name implies, helps travelers experience a memorable and affordable trip in Europe and a couple of destinations in the US like San Francisco and New York.

Follow them here:

5. Flip Nomad

Planning on taking an affordable trip on an exotic Asian wonderland? Make sure to follow Flip Nomad.

Follow him here:

6. Our Oyster

With Our Oyster, your personal finances will no longer be a hindrance to your dreams of traveling overseas. Whether you are traveling alone or with a bunch of kids, Our Oyster will teach you and other readers on how to travel the world’s top destinations, on a tight budget.

Follow them here:

7. Shereen Travels Cheap

This blog contains money-saving tips from a genuine budget-conscious traveler who will show you how you can save a load of cash on your vacation, without having to sleep on a train station or park bench.

Follow her here:

8. Y Travel Blog

With over 250,000 visits per month, it’s safe to say that Y Travel Blog is one of the top budget travel blogs today.  Also, did you know that Virgin Australia has named them one of 2014’s best Australian bloggers?

Follow them here:

9. eTramping

Operated by the dynamic duo of Cez and Agnes, eTramping is a trusted blog that puts a strong emphasis on budget travel. As a matter of fact, their website’s motto is to travel around the world like tramps for less than 25 USD a day. As travel bloggers, they consistently share great photo essays, destination guides and budget travel tips to inspire other backpackers and budget conscious travelers.

Follow them here:

10. Budget Traveller

From Europe’s luxury hostels to the mouthwatering cheap eats in Boston, Budget Traveller has a whole lot of information that would help you maximize your vacation without breaking the bank.

Follow Kash here:

11. The Cheapest Destinations Blog

Managed by the award-winning author Tim Leffel, the Cheapest Destinations Blog is a valuable resource that lets you enjoy an unforgettable travel experience, on a budget.

Follow Tim here:

Adventure, outdoor and wildlife

12. Backpacking Matt

Looking for an extra dose of outdoor fun and adventure in New Zealand? Backpacking Matt provides inspiration and advice for those who want to experience hiking, paragliding, and other outdoor thrills in the steep and magnificent mountains of New Zealand.

Follow Matt here:

13. Lady’s Travel Blog

For those who are into outdoors and wildlife, the Lady’s Travel Blog is by far one of the travel blogs that you must subscribe to in 2015. From the beloved London Zoo to the best wildlife conservations in Canada, this blog has a glut of stories regarding animals and wild places. As a bonus, the blog has quite a handful of tips for people traveling to Cuba, Mexico, Hungary and other destinations.

Follow Steph here:

14. Saving Wild

If you love African wildlife and animals, make it a point to follow Lori’s Saving Wild.

15. Mapping Megan

Mapping Megan is a credible and marvelous online source for supremely active travelers and adrenaline junkies.

Follow them here:

16. Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal has a dazzling mixture of information rolled into a single travel blog. With this online journal, you get to discover a galore of articles and photographs that involve unusual travels, interesting people, environmental awareness and outdoor adventure. By the way, the blog’s contributors include some of the United States’ best outdoor writers.

Follow them here:

17. Walk Simply

Walk Simply helps unleash your adventurous side with its detailed articles, top-notch tips and beautiful photographs.

Follow Traci here:

Luxury Travel

18. A Luxury Travel Blog

When it comes to luxury travel, very few travel blogs can put up posts that are as informative and trustworthy as the ones from A Luxury Travel Blog. After all, it is a highly acclaimed blog that was voted one of the “best for luxury” and “the best travel blogs in the world” by the Daily Telegraph.  Furthermore, it is operated by Dr. Paul Johnson, who happens to be one of the top and most respected bloggers in the travel niche.

Follow Paul here:

19. Mrs O Around the World

Mrs O Around The World shares a collection of deluxe and detailed travel experiences that luxurious travelers would envy.

Follow her here:

20. Cultureur

With its ultra sleek design and enthusiastic approach, it is easy to see why luxurious globetrotters and wealthy socialites often dubbed the Cultureur as one of the must-follow blogs, when it comes to travel. In this travel blog, you will get plenty of  good travel recommendations, advice as well as impartial reviews for Michelin-star restaurants and five-star hotels.

Follow Nyssa here:

21. Four Seasons Magazine

While it mainly focuses on the brand that Four Seasons offers, this online magazine is still a gold mine for casual travelers and to those who want to indulge on the finer things in life. It features blogs that are finely written by travelers and experts who have an expensive taste for dining and traveling.

Follow them here:

22. Luxury Travel Diary

From deluxe hotels to ritzy lingerie, Yasmin Pullman of Luxury Travel Diaryhas a load of information pertaining to luxury travel, fashion and anything that is relevant and interesting.

Follow her here:

23. Just Luxe

Just Luxe has a competent editorial team that publishes fine pieces that will give you great insights on how to plan a luxurious holiday.

Follow them here:

General travel blogs

24. Heather on her Travels

Looking for inspirations for your next long-haul vacation or weekend getaway? Heather on her Travels is oozing with suggestions and tips to help travelers with their upcoming trips and vacation.  Whether you are looking for a good reason to visit Canada or tips regarding your travel gear, Heather surely has the right words of advice for travel junkies like you.

Follow Heather here:

25. Viator Travel Blog

Viator Travel Blog certainly has no shortage of information and tips pertaining to the art of traveling.

Follow them here:

26. National Geographic Travel Blogs

Do I need to say more about National Geographic Travel Blogs? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about this blog a number of times in your life. To me, it’s a world renowned travel blog that needs no introduction.

Follow them here:

27. A Dangerous Business

Amanda Williams, the sweet owner of A Dangerous Business, is a terrific and honest travel blogger who dazzles her readers with her unique personality, brilliant photos, and informative tour reviews. Of course, her blog also features a ton of quality information regarding destinations like Belize, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, and a whole lot more.

Follow Amanda here:

28. We Said Go Travel

Fittingly billed as “A passport to a global community”, We Said Go Travel is truly an influential travel blog that offers a great deal of helpful information to wayfaring gals and dudes. As a subscriber of the blog, you will have access to educational videos and posts that have been written by Lisa Niver, a passionate writer who has published articles in Huffington Post, the Guardian and National Geographic. (General Travel)

Follow Lisa here:

29. Dave’s Travel Corner

From epic outdoor getaways to the chic museums in North America, Dave’s Travel Corner has a wide array of topics and blogs to suit a variety of budgets. And, guess what? Dave, who is an international travel writer, has been sharing tips to his fellow travelers for over a decade.

Follow Dave here:

30. Guess This City

With its clear photographs and explanatory posts, Guess This City is absolutely a cool travel blog worth following in 2015.

Follow Kevin here:

31. Lonely Planet

No list of the best travel blogs to follow is complete without the inclusion of Lonely Planet. One of most trusted sources for travelers, Lonely Planet has a charismatic blog teeming with interesting videos, photos and articles. Indeed, Lonely Planet offers some of the best and most reliable pieces of advice that can be found on the internet.

Follow them here:

32. Global Goose

Kelly Dunning, the owner of Global Goose, is a travel blogger and a digital nomad who has traveled the world, and shared her dynamic stories to thousands of readers and travelers.  She and her partner Lee, a web designer from Northern England, are digital nomads and have been working remotely while backpacking around the world with no fixed address since May of 2011. Together, they created, a resource of information and inspiration for other travelers.

Follow them here:

33. Fox Nomad

Anil Polat, or also referred as Fox Nomad, is a practical digital nomad who shares quality information on how to travel smarter.  As a computer security engineer, Anil also helps nomads on how they can get the best out of their technology when traveling.

Follow Anil here:

34. A World to Travel

Spearheaded by the lovely Inma Gregorio, A World To Travel is an established and dynamic travel blog made up of a team of passionate and young travel writers and photography enthusiasts. As a subscriber of this blog, you will have plenty of information to feed your brain, and kaleidoscopic photographs to please your eyes.

Follow Inma here:

35. Nomadic Samuel

From photography and budget travel tips to motivational words, Nomadic Samuel has a lot of intriguing stories and great news to tell to travel junkies.

Follow Samuel here:

36. Twenty Something Travel

Twenty Something Travel is an incredible blog that follows Stephanie Yoder, a young female blogger who has traveled to more than 40 countries.

Follow Steph here:

37. Chasing Travel

Chasing Travel, written by Christina (a former TV journalist), is a fascinating blog specifically designed for travelers looking for local and authentic experiences across Europe.

Follow her here:

38. The Expeditioner

Created by Matt Stabile, The Expeditioner is a popular travel magazine that releases in-depth travel articles and videos.

Follow them here:

39. Around The World in 80 Jobs

Turner Barr, the man behind Around The World in 80 jobs, travels across the world, to experience the thrill of traveling and working in a foreign land. Unlike most travel bloggers, Turner’s objective is to experience as many different types of job as possible, while sharing each working experience in his blog. So far, he has been a Cuban tobacco farmer, Christmas tree associate and Mexican fisherman, to name just a few.

Follow him here:

40. The Art of Adventuring

The Art of Adventuring is an eclectic and highly respected travel resource that offers countless of suggestions and tip-offs for backpackers who are planning a trip abroad.

Follow Michael here:

41. LandLopers

LandLopers, with its unique perspective and realistic message, is a great online source to follow, specifically for casual travelers who want to get the most out of their trips.

Follow Matt here:

Inspiring travel blogs with great tips

42. Uncornerned Market

From travel gear and photography equipment to city guides and travel insurance, Uncornerned Market has all the information you need for your next vacation or holiday abroad. Featured in USA Today, National Geographic and Huffington Post, Uncornerned Market features heaps of compelling of stories that focus on adventure, food and people, personal growth and travel. What’s more, they share dozens of tips on how they live deep while traveling wide.

Follow them here:

43. Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel is an enlightening travel blog that connects the world through the fascinating experiences and tales of its author. Written and owned by the cordial and helpful Barbara Weibel, this travel blog tells that story of how travelling, writing and photography have brought joy and contentment to her life. For those who are looking for a good plausible reason to travel the world, this is truly an inspiring source you definitely don’t want to miss.

Follow Barbara here:

44. Adventurous Kate

Are you a young female solo wayfarer? With her inspirational stories, travel trips and detailed guides, Adventurous Kate is by far the ultimate travel blog to follow for females who are planning to travel solo.

Follow her here:

45. Travels of Adam

After experiencing a euphoric 3-day trip in Rejkjavik, Adam, the owner of Travels of Adam, decided to quit his job in Boston (as a book designer), and live the life of a traveler. Today, Adam works for Eating Europe Food Tours, and earns money from his website. Apart from its inspirational story, Adam has a pretty good sense of humor as well.

Follow Adam here:

46. Ottsworld

Ottsworld’s Sherry was a former cube worker who decided to give up her corporate aspirations, so she can live the colorful life of nomadic traveler. As a wanderer, she has been to off-the-beaten places to bring her followers unique photography and travel experiences.

There is, however, more to Ottsworld than scenic pictures and amazing travel blogs. As you delve into this blog, you will also find an inspiration to travel as well as learn the real life experiences of a middle-age nomad.

Follow Sherry here:

47. The Professional Hobo

The Professional Hobo is a fabulous travel blog that follows the life of Nora Dunn, a cheerful and pretty writer who gave up on her financial planning practice in Canada, to free herself up for the ultimate lifetime adventure. In addition to her cool and awesome website, Nora has authored books, such as her recently released “How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World”. Not to mention, she has just launched a new website called “The Unconventional Guide to Working on the Road”.

Follow Nora here:

48. Humans Who Travel

With their gripping stories and psychedelic photographs, Humans Who Travelcertainly deserve a spot in this list.

Follow them here:

49. Travel Experta

For the past ten years, Marina Villatoro and her beautiful family have been on a gleeful journey across Central America, and to the other parts of the globe, discovering new cultures and enjoying magnificent travel experiences. With everything she and her family have learned in their travels, Marina’s Travel Experta aims to inspire other parents to explore the world’s unique destinations with their kids.

Follow them here:

50. Around the World “L”

Lillie Marshal, a tall and gorgeous teacher from Boston, has traveled the world and discovered tons of beautiful cultures, while working as a volunteer teacher. With her blog “Around The World L”, Lillie was able to share some of the highlights and gripping stories of her trips abroad. Although she has returned to Boston, the blog still continues to flourish, as she still travels constantly.

Follow Lillie here:

There you have it. I hope this piece will come in handy for you, as you plan your future trips. Goodbye!

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