Trekeffect Blogger Spotlight: A Couple For The Road Interview

February 15, 2018

A Couple For The Road – one of our favorite travel blogs – sits down, for a quick interview with Jason Biondo – the CEO and Founder of Trekeffect.  From their professional background to their exciting travel bucket list, the charming pair from South Florida shares nuggets of information of their life, as writers and a couple with an insatiable craving for travel. Furthermore, Justin and Tracy offer some valuable words of wisdom and advice for those who are yearning to travel and see the beauty of the world.

Trekeffect Blogger Spotlight: A Couple For The Road Interview

Quick takeaways:

-  The interview starts with an introduction of their origins in their 11-year relationship.  

-  The couple gives Jason a glimpse into their professional non-travel-related background, and how quite different their jobs are from their passion.

- Justin reveals how their blog accidentally came into life.

-  Tracy shares how many times they travel a year as well as some of their favorite experiences, including their dream trip to the ancient cities of Peru.

-  Justin gives the lowdown on how they aggregate things and plan their trip using a trustworthy travel website.

-  A Couple For The Road unveils their travel bucket list and some of their plans for the rest of the year.

- Tracy and Justin share their tips on common travel concerns, like language barrier, communication and safety.  

- The couple from South Florida talks about the importance of having a travel plan and a proven itinerary.

Check out the video, to learn more about A Couple for the Road and their fascinating adventures. In addition, you may follow their trips at

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