Trekeffect Blogger Spotlight: Paulina On The Road Interview  

March 17, 2018

What’s up, folks? Just recently, our CEO – Jason Biondo – had a quick and fascinating video chat with a beloved and charming travel blogger, Paulina On The Road. From the get-go, the interview teems with valuable information and hints of Paulina colorful and wondrous life, as someone who’s been bitten by the travel bug. Of course, the interview also covers helpful words of advice from Paulina for those who are itching to travel and see the world.

Quick takeaways from the interview:

- The interview starts with an introduction of Jason’s background and duties in Trekeffect. Afterwards, the interview continues with Paulina unveiling her extraordinary profession in Luxembourg as well as her tasks as a travel blogger.

- Paulina describes her day job in tourism, as a travel planner creating itineraries and handling all the details for groups traveling to Spain and Portugal.

- Paulina gives her two cents on the pains and complexities of group travel planning.

- Paulina reveals how often she travels per month, and talks how efficient Luxembourg’s public transport network is. In addition, she shares how loves nature and hikes.

- Paulina shares her most memorable travel experiences, including her getaways in Cape Verde as well as Trinidad and Tobago. Furthermore, she narrates the beauty, architecture and cultural charms of her favorite destinations.  

- Paulina gives the lowdown on her travel planning and researching techniques.

- She mentions the places on her travel bucket list, including Asia and South America (El Salvador and Peru).

- Paulina talks about her biggest concerns when traveling and blogging.

- She offers a ton of tips and advice for those who are afraid to travel.

- The interview wraps up with Paulina plugging her website and social media handles.

Check out our Youtube video, to learn more about Paulina On The Road. Moreover, you may follow her and her escapades at

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