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4 Most Breathtaking Buddhist Temples In The World

October 19, 2014

Whether you are planning on venturing the mystical lands of India or the lush jungles of Thailand, visiting a sacred Buddhist site is something that you should definitely include to your list of things to do. As a traveler, paying homage to a Buddhist temple or monastery gives you a sublime feeling of serenity, peacefulness and calmness.4 Most Breathtaking Buddhist Temples In The World

What’s more, a visit to any of these spiritual pantheons gives you a taste of the fascinating Buddhist traditions and cultures. Of course, these temples are also nothing short of spectacular, with unique architectural details and features that will give you a blissful photographic experience.

From Southeast Asia to North America, the world is home to a wide array of awe-inspiring and immaculate Buddhist temples. In this travel guide, we will unveil some of these sacred haunts that are worth visiting. Without any more delay, here are some of the most famous and striking sacred Buddhist temples and monasteries that you should include to your destination planner.


1. Hengsan Hanging Temple – China4 Most Breathtaking Buddhist Temples In The World

China’s Hengsan Hanging Temple, one of the most gorgeous temples in China, is truly a mesmerizing sight that will leave all its beholders in awe. Clinging perilously to one of Mt. Hengsan’s jagged crag, this forgotten wonder is made up of over 30 rooms linked by a mystifying maze of pathways and corridors. With its unique scenery, laid-back charm and beautifully constructed edifice, you won’t be disappointed with a visit to this messianic sanctuary.


2. Borobudur – Indonesia

No list of the world’s best and most magnificent sacred sites is complete without the inclusion of Yogyakarta’s Borobudur. After all, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site that has lured millions of archaeologists, history buffs, photography enthusiasts and adventurous souls from all corners of the world. Not to mention, it is the largest and most popular Buddhist on the face of the earth. As a visitor of this Indonesian eyeful, you will be surely taken away by its impressive scale, dramatic setting as well as its fine construction details.


3. Mahabodi Temple – One of India’s most sacred temples4 Most Breathtaking Buddhist Temples In The World

One of the holiest places of worship in Buddhism, the imposing Mahabodi Temple stands grandly on the site where Prince Siddhartha is said to have attained supreme enlightenment, becoming Buddha in the process. For Buddhists, a visit here is a surreal experience that you will cherish for years to come. Besides its religious relevance, the temple is also known for its incredible ethnic architectural style.


4. The Temple of Haeinsa – South Korea4 Most Breathtaking Buddhist Temples In The World

The Temple of Haeinsa is arguably the most important Buddhist site in all South Korea. With its tranquil atmosphere and gorgeous art speckled around its gardens, it is no wonder tons of international travelers have included this place to their destination planner. In addition to its incredible surrounds, the place has a collection of sanctuaries built beautifully in Korean style.

Its greatest treasure, though, isn’t its appearance or ambiance. Instead, this prized jewel is known as a depository of the Tripitaka Koreana, the most complete collection of texts for this religion. Since 1398, this haven has been a home to over 80,000 wooden printing blocks of Buddhist texts.

For enthusiastic travelers, make sure to include these temples wonderful places to your destination planner. Not only are these places scenic and soothing, but they can be quite enlightening as well. And by the way, don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect!


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